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    Climatronic not coded correctly!

    The part number is missing. Did they tamper with the module? I found a similar post with similar issue. You may have to replace that module. edit: found another
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    'This function requires a licenced interface' error

    what is the serial number from the VCDS about screen?
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    Original - Detailed - Autoscan

    This video also has good info:
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    ... it was funny to me....

    Yoko ono :banghead:
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    VCDS -- An Amazing Investment!

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    SRI Reset Procedure on VCDS mobile

    Service reminders are reset via adaptation channels in the instrument cluster. VCDS on a PC has a button called SRI reset that will automatically read the adaptation channels and allow the end user to select predefined resets. VCDS-Mobile does not have this function. In VCDS-Mobile, you have...
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    A Sad Day

    Yes he will be missed. Rest in Peace Jack.
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    I believe we still have thousands of them in the storage room. @Mike R will know where they are at.
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    Throttle body adaptation no longer supported?

    Can you post an autoscan using the latest software? We need to see what files load and part numbers.
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    Is my HEX+CAN broken?

    Are you scanning the car with the engine running? Modules might be shutting down to conserve power.
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    B8 allroad dipped headlights

    Please post an autoscan. I had the same problem on a GTI and it was caused by a faulty level sensor. You can look at the live data and rock the car to see if the sensors are reading correctly.
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    ... it was funny to me....

    Texas snow
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    Shiny New Forum Software!

    Nope, nothing obvious. I checked the xenforo support forum and found a few threads asking about the same thing. The general consensus was its normal behavior for mysql search and its terrible. i'll keep digging and get back to you if i find anything more info. Both and
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    I keep getting email notifications

    Ok, What do you see at this link:
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    I keep getting email notifications

    Can you post screenshots of those messages? Are they all from one section?