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    2006 Audi A8 MMI No Power No Audio No Nothing

    My 2006 A8 I acquired did have some water intrusion via the sunroof being left open. There was enough water exposure to puddle in both the front driver side and passenger side floors. I did remove the carpets to dry everything out and opened the modules that are in those areas and they did not...
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    2006 Audi A8

    Thanks. I'm going to upgrade to the newer version..
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    2006 Audi A8

    Hi, I'm a newbie on the forums and still very wet behind the ears using VCDS. I had success using it on a few VW Passat's in the past. So, I'm contemplating a purchase of a 2006 A8 with the 4.2 under the hood. 143K miles on the clock, but overall runs good no CEL or SES lights illuminating. Im...