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    Stock coding for byte 18 in central electronics for a 2016 VW GLI

    Hi, I'm looking for the original coding for a 2016 NAr GLI with xenon headlights and LED DRLs. The auto scan shows "00", which apparently is not the true value. Trying to go back to original coding. The DRLs are not turning on under any circumstances, and there's a bulb out warning for the...
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    2009 GTI Euro switch lighting confusion

    Hi, New user here! My name is Dan. I bought a 2009 VW GTI a year ago and installed a euro switch with auto position (but no rain/light sensor). It worked like this: Off - DRLs (set as fogs) Auto- low beams only- NO city lights or side markers (like when xenons are set as DRLs) Parking-...