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    A7 Spoiler activation speed settings

    hi, just wonder if anyone been able to identify where to change speed at which spoiler comes up and down on A7 (or R8/TT(may be similar)) would like it to come up earlier (50mph) and go down later(30mph)...
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    "Audi lane change assistant" permanent activation?

    hi, on my 67 plate A7 I have audi lane change assistant that you can turn on by pressing button on the door near the mirror, does anyone know the way of permanent activation of this option? as it goes off after car restart. Address 3C: Lane Change (J769) Labels:| 5Q0-907-566.clb Part...
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    Matrix high beam missing calibration / basic settings

    can anyone help calibrating matrix LED light 2017 a7?
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    ABS problems with loads of faults A4 B8 3.0tdi q auto

    hi everyone, i need help with my A4 b8 ABS fault codes. here is few scans. very first, second and latest one. intro: car is equipped with auto hold function. A button near handbrake. always driving with it on. at the time all flashed i was turning around in the middle of the road very quickly...
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    Fault code 4765 p1719 00 [032]

    hi, i cant find any details of this fault code anywhere. any ideas what it might be related to..? Address 02: Auto Trans Labels: 0B6-927-156.clb Control Module Part Number: 8K0 927 158 A HW: 0B6 927 156 Component and/or Version: 0B6 30 TDIRdW H04 0030...
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    how to deactivate headlight wash with first screen wash A4 B8

    hi, does any one know how to deactivate headlight wash with first screen wash with vcds or any other way? i'm not keen spraying all car and headlights with first screen wash if lights are on.. i know how to activate it when i need it and i dont want them when not needed. i deactivated spray on...
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    A4 b8 light sensitivity problem after new glass+rls sensor

    Hi, could anyone help me, had glas replaced and rain sensor gone crazy so had it replaced and now lights come on at day time. Correction settings didn't help and i found that in passat b7 in vcds 10.6.4 in 09 measuring blocks 08 it is possible to change sensitivity but i can't find how to do it...