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    Vw jetta 4 door 2.0 diesel automatic ross- tech codes today.

    Haaaaaa that IS funny. There must have been a pile of parts behind that thing!!!!
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Not to mention the data that OUR governments have been manipulating from the beginning. WHO, CDC, effing hogwash. So garbage stats = garbage data. At the race track we call this garbage in garbage out.
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Sounds like Uwe will be in DC this weekend wearing his arrest Tony Fauci tee shirt.
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    A4 B7 3.2 FSI 2005 - Crank but no start - 16730/P0346 Camshaft Position Sensor (G163)

    Perform one more compression test. Does the engine sound "normal" when cranking?
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    It's slang for J2534 interface, choose one that VAG shows on their list.
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    Airbag module VW21 Programming

    Might need an SVC code to unlock the new module with ODIS, there should be a parts bulletin linked to the parts breakdown in ETKA. Post edit, there's no parts bulletin for SVC code on this application.
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    J box works perfectly with online legit ODIS if anyone is wondering.
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    Golf MK7 - Misfire Diagnostics

    @METOO. Try a can of injector cleaner Liqui-Moly 2007 is an excellent choice. We see lots of cold misfires that injector cleaner will take care of in one tank of gas.
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    Rechargable test light!

    How old are you? If it says Snapon or Blue Point and it is electric or electronic it is junk period. Stick to their hand tools nothing else.
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    Refused by Control Module on Engine Output Tests

    LOL @ Bruce, calls him a dud....."COME ON MAN!":D
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    2004 Jetta TDI (9M) 280K miles. New HEX-V2 cant connect to 01-Engine

    I've never replaced an ECM on that model but it is cheap and easy to do if you have the security code.
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    2004 Jetta TDI (9M) 280K miles. New HEX-V2 cant connect to 01-Engine

    Try disconnecting the 46 module before doing much more. Twice in my career I have seen this issue and by disconnecting the 46 module the comms came back with the ECM, both times were with 1J cars (mk4 wagon) not 9M sedan. I have NO EFFING idea why this happens my guess is low battery voltage...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    I bet Saturday Night Wive has a field day with this video.
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    2006 Jetta TDI with DSG stumbles.

    You did check to see that the in tank fuel pump is pushing fuel to the filter? I've seen plenty that failed yet the engine still ran until the next guy changed the fuel filter and couldn't prime it.
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    2006 Jetta TDI with DSG stumbles.

    Pump Douche engines need lots of flow through the fuel filter, replace it before wasting time with data unless you are an engineer. Also easy to pull the valve cover and check the camshaft and followers for wear. You can use the BEW camshaft and lifters, they use less of an aggressive profile...