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    Sharan (7N) BF/BE Automatic sliding door Basic Settings

    Hello, i have now installed new control unit and wiring to rear left door, the rear left door from Chanel 9 does not give fault codes anymore. It closes from buttons, like everything works (motor, latch, pinch protection että? But it does not open from any button? Vcds show that it regognizes...
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    Sharan (7N) BF/BE Automatic sliding door Basic Settings

    Hello, I quess this thread is closest to my problem. So, I have an alhambra 2012, with electric sliding doors, the left side one is not functioning, I do not seem to get any obvious fault out of it, could you have an idea where to look at? According to this thread I did perform the reset and...
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    MK4 MFD - adjust fuel economy displayed

    okay thank you, this means i cannot change the values, just like the original poster Jonne
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    MK4 MFD - adjust fuel economy displayed

    Hello, i have Similar car, a seat leon 2004 1.9tdi There is a login code that regarding to description, enables adaptation. When i enter the login code in instrument cluster, i get a message "login Lost due to dropped session" Is there some other code that gives me access to edit the...
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    A4 b6 2002 1.8t engine coding security access needed

    Hello, I changed my a4 b6 ecu and the new ecu has different drivetrain setup. I need security access code in engine group to be able to change coding, i assume? I get error 31 coding rejected when trying to modify coding Wednesday,02,September,2020,19:55:17:43954 VCDS -- Windows Based...
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    A5 b8 facelift headlight retrofit

    Hello, I am going on with a5 2011 facelift conversion, everything is fitted and car is working, but I need to get some coding sorted out. The DRL's are working ok, park lights are not functioning, I have swapped Bi-xenon lights to facelift Bi-xenon lights, I quess some coding is needed to get...
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    A5 B8 mfsw retrofit issues

    Helo all, I recently registered to the forum and still waiting to have my vcds verified. I have question related to multifunctrion steering wheel install on my car My original clockspring was 8r0953568j with no support to mfsw, I installed 8r0953568K version which accepted the long coding...