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    Make interior lights less bright

    Hey, I tried adjusting in 09-cent elect "helligkeit" of various sorts without noticable change. What am I doing wrong? The two lights on the ceiling for passenger and driver are very bright and I want to dim them. Is that possible? What adaptation is needed? Thanks...
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    Enable Curve Assist on 2020 Crafter

    I have been able to get "Streckenverlauf berücksichtigen" to show in the menu (ACC should slow down in curves) But it's unchecked and when I try to check it, I get "This function is currently not available." So I guess I either missed some coding or it's not possible with this vehicle and...
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    Enable TJA on a 2020 Crafter

    Hello, I have a MAN TGE, which is identical to the new VW Crafter (yet not as widely known, hence I used Crafter in the title). I have had some success improving lane keeping on my MAN TGE with VCDS. The last step was flashing a parameterset from the Tiguan front camera via VCP. It was...