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    2018 VW Amarok V6 - Cent. Elect. gone "rogue"

    Good day all, first post for help, though been using VCDS with HEX+CAN USB for some time and as of recently, acquired HEX-NET. Please excuse the very long post - aiming to provide as much info as possible, to seek your expert advice. Also, I will post 2 scans at end of post, one being very first...
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    2018 VW Amarok DC Highline Extreme (2H), 3.0L V6 TDi 165kW, DDXC - (South Africa)

    This is the very initial scan on the Amarok, selecting all addresses to be scanned. This scan was done with HEX+CAN USB interface, where all consequent work was done with HEX-NET when received earlier this year. Scan done after Trailer Control Module (address 69) was fitted, but not yet coded...