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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    "Biden said, "We’re going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers." Yes, that's an exact quote taken from the official transcript. If that's not a clear admission that these vaccines don't protect the vaccinated, I don't know what is." Is it too simple to say that the above...
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    What can I do here?

    I need the same exact sequence (MQB platform). VCDS is not recognized if the sequence is altered. I thought the problem might be in the connections themselves at first and wasted time. It's funny that this procedure is not given in the Manual (or I couldn't find it). It may seem obvious to the...
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    Bleeding ABS with Ross-Tech

    Don't know if this would help with your particular need but I have found that hard application on a thoroughly wet road will activate ABS, particularly on a slope. Car is quattro. I was asking for advice how to test ABS but got no responses.
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    Just another VAG nut with anti-social coding complex

    I have a convenient and safe hill (~ 8%) near home which sees my occasional Italian tuneups (just to confirm engine OK on full demand). Subjectively delaying flooring the gas just a few 100s rpm until about 1700 rpm after an immediate sharp turn (? 1300rpm) seems smoother and not slower. But...
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    Golf MK7 - Misfire Diagnostics

    I have no idea about your misfire q's but I have similar ones (q's) to which I have not been able to find answers or even mention. For my CYFB engine of similar mileage and vintage I get: IDE01975 Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 1 0; 3; 11 IDE01976 Numb.of misfir.: cylinder 2 0...
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    CatCon Log- Audi S3

    Trying to asses condition of catalytic converter, although there are no problems. Is there a way to interpret log (see below) in terms of remaining life? IDE00085 IDE01644 IDE06444 ENG101785 Load DS Sensor US Sensor Cat Temp %...
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    Vehicle Diagnostic Protection SFD

    However, a goodly number of enthusiasts buy it to do actual diagnostics, i.e. read fault codes, look at measuring values, etc, and that is functionality that isn't blocked by SFD I wish that this were in fact true but it is hard to know accurately. My main use of the tool is to forestall trouble...
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    2013 Golf 1.4TSI P334B

    Could it possibly be something as silly as not having the gearbox in P?
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    ... it was funny to me....

    Ha ha! Things must be "smooth" for Bernie's law to work reasonably well.
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    Coal Cracker Good to hear that there are no hard feelings and I wish you the best. I certainly could have chosen more diplomatic words but then we would have missed the excitement.:)
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    Measuring Values window launched from Basic Settings lacks Group UDS options

    I had similar problem which was compounded by my belief that it was my fault as I was a completely new to VCDS. Workaround as you say. When I replaced the laptop by current DELL model the "problem" largely went away.
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    I'm sorry if I bruised your feelings. That was not my intent as I said before. The criticism is about a particular post and not about you. I did not call names or imply anything more than that if your post was careless how to think about other advice you may offer. Truce?
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    My post was a criticism of the way the message was presented not an attack on the person. My purpose was to promote clear communication b/c I browse through the posts and find many helpful if I can comprehend. Your interpretation of the post is a very big stretch. How exactly should the pulling...
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    I do not consider my comment to be an attack rather encouragement to take a little more care. I could not understand vwtech's comment. What is the gist of his post?
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    Emissions Readiness Monitors

    If you can't be bothered with spelling or complete sentences what should we assume about your advice?