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    2011 VW Jetta, ABS module Coding (MK60EC1)

    after coding abs you have to do basic settings like g85, etc... often i have noticed even when you enter correct value it will reject it if you dont do basic settings like g85 at least
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    Audi A3 8V 2016 Pfl to facelift highline camera coding

    no problem, glad you got it sorted, it depends on wiring harness sometimes they swap wires, there is no harm try to swap them and test to see if you have picture
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    Audi A3 8V 2016 Pfl to facelift highline camera coding

    yes i have retrofited mib2.5 hacked and also high camera to passat 8.5, no issues at all i would double check video cable from camera to mib also check maybe you swapped signal wires and ground on mib connector blue one pin 6 and 12
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    Audi a3 pfl to fl rear led rear lights

    yes all values in 09
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    Audi a3 pfl to fl rear led rear lights

    try also check hla60 dimwert value from 100 to 127, also hrc31, kc9 and kc3
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    NAR MK7 GTI coilover install, code out DCC?

    disabling dcc will cause an error in 55 for headlight leveling because it shares sensor ride height via can, so its not as easy as you think.
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    MK70 coding after BKD conversion

    Then you need different electronics to accept coding...
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    MK70 coding after BKD conversion

    try recoding cluster to caddy, it will probably trow dtc for incompatible, but then try coding abs caddy to see if it will accept
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    MK70 coding after BKD conversion

    well since you have ecu, cluster and engine this is no longer "caddy" but touran, why its not accepting coding i dont know
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    Golf 7 Retrofit Golf R-Line headlights

    in your scan afs modules on the headlights are 3D0 941 329 A which if I remember correctly doesn't support DLA headlights, I'm gonna assume these came with lights? If so you just have to replace these with yours to get high beam, yours are probably 3D0 941 329 D
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    Golf 6 (1k0) LED licence plate lights

    even with vcp modified eeprom there is still dtc, hence minimum sw of 651, even with sw 615 it still doesn't work also sw651 is minimum for FLA to operate
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    Golf 6 (1k0) LED licence plate lights

    BCM needs at least 651 software to be able to code LED license lights.
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    Retrofit bixenon golf 7 gtd headlight with bixenon golf R DLA headlight

    try 55 coding 02DA00104B010200
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    MIB2 Discover Media PQ /picture heavyyy :D

    I'm trying to retrofit discover media pq from tiguan 2016/sirocco/caddy/beetle/passat cc 5C0 035 680 to golf 6 2010. So far I have replaced gateway and made an adapter from old to new quadlock connector. I'm waiting for stealership appointment next week to remove cp and I have a friend who...