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    Thanks for the info.
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    Hi,I do not have it currently :(. I am not at home. Will send as soon as possible.
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    Hi, The car is 2012 VW Sharan. When I try to change language to Croatian it is not possible to do it. I have noticed that choice of languages shows all possible languages but this available for the car are with first capital letter. Is it possible to install/download languages or it has to be...
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    Sharan 7N 2012 CFFB 2,0 103 kw/140 hp NOx issues

    Hi to all. I am totally new at this. Had issues with my sharan because it had adblue and dpf software removed by previous owner. Check engine light came on several times during 30000 km,with message NOx sensor 2 bank 1 P229 E 00- electrical malfunction,and this was a reason to change it. The...