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    Problem after logging in

    Hello, I have noticed that upon logging in, I experience an error: vBulletin Message Invalid Redirect URL ( I need to click somewhere (e.g. My Profile, Settings, etc), and only after that I can visit the main board. Also, regardless of the option checked to...
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    English label files? When, if ever?

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to ask, when, if ever, will English translation be done for some very popular cars here in Europe? Been waiting for the labels for ages and in 18.2 version they are still not there. :( These come here almost every day Thanks.. Friday,22,June,2018,13:03:28:40776...
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    Refurbished VCDS interface

    Hello everyone, I didn't think of a more suitable section for this post rather than this one. In case it's in wrong section, please feel free to move it. A few days back I had a conversation with a friend mine who lives in US. He told me that some time ago he got a "remanufactured" (or...
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    USB cable got bad

    Hello everyone. I have a genuine HEX-CAN interface purchased from local authorized reseller many years ago (like 7-8 yrs ago or so). However, unfortunately due to its age, the cable is now failed and barely works. It seems that the wires are broken somewhere inside, near the USB connector which...