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    Audi A6 Powered Tailgate reporting open when closed

    Just an update. With further stripdown, I dicovered that something had gotten into the lower lock pin mechanism that was stopping it closing all the way. when removed the pin could be fully retracted, and hence the final tailgate closed switch made. Simple in the end. Thanks for the...
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    Audi A6 Powered Tailgate reporting open when closed

    Thanks Bruce and chillout1983. I have registered for the erwin so will pay up and download the wiring diagram. As for the common fault, afraid that doesnt seem to be my problem. Have dismanteld the lock and it operated fine. Also purchased a second hand lock for breaker off ebay just to be...
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    Audi A6 Powered Tailgate reporting open when closed

    Hi looking for some support please. I have and Audi A6 2010 Avant (UK) with powered tailgait open/close. The tailgate opens and closes fine, however I have developed a problem with the dash indicating the tailgate open when it has closed. I have checked out the switches on the rear lock and...
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    VW POLO 2004 - multiple engine fault codes

    Hi all, would appreciate a bit of help with possible cause of the following intermidiate faults. I think it must be a common wiring fault for most as it can be cleared and the will return, as it says, intermediatly. Can anyone suggest where to look? here ais the scan for the engine module...
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    AUdi A6 2.7 TDI Forced DPF Regen problems

    Hi This is my first post. I've had VCDS for several years but never really need to ask for help, but now I def need some please. I have tried to force a DPF regen as described on the Ross-Tech site but it keeps being refused and I cannot work out why. I have followed the link for 2.7 TDI CAN...