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    03 Brake Security Access Code needed

    I have a 2016 Audi A3 8V 1.8t FWD I'm just trying to reset the 03 ABS to factory default settings but I need the security access code to do it. Does anyone know the correct code for my car? So I've been searching around and I think it is 40168, but I don't want to play guessing games and...
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    Steering Angle and Steering Assist Problems Causing more problems

    I have audi a3 8v fwd 1.8t I keep having issues with 44 steering assist, when I use reset to factory settings. The first time I did it, all my electronics errors like hill assist, parking sensors, ESP, maybe 5 or 6 total malfunctions, it also says audi presense fault but I do not have presense...