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    Polo 6R Window Problem

    Hi all, hoping for a bit of advice. Ive got a 2014 Vw Polo 6R with a fault on the drivers door control module/window motor/ switch assembly. Its had a new genuine motor and switch assembly for what im told was a different fault and has now been broought to me. The window switch assembly will...
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    Licensed interface required message.

    Started to get a licensed interface required message when try to communicate with any vehicle on HEX+CAN Lead. Ive uninstalled software and reinstalled and also tried on another machine i use sometimes to run it on and getting the same message. Hoping there is a fix for this. :cry:
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    2009 VW Crafter DPF Regen Issue

    Hi All Could anyone assist with this one. Ive got a 2009 Vw Crafter that im unable to carry out dpf regeneration, the adaptation and basic settings options show no documentation available and also coding II and securtiy access doesn't give the assist bubbles to help activate regeneration. Ive...
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    "99" Audi A8 Instrument coding.

    Just looking for some guidance and if its possible. Got a 99 audi a8 v8. It's a bit of a project car. Im looking to try and code out the abs from the instruments, all the abs has been removed but just left with that annoying beep when running. Is it possible and would anyone know the...
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    DSG Gearbox 2004 A3 TDI

    Looking at replacing a DSG gearbox with a customer supplied second hand part. Just hoping to help him out in his search for a replacement. His current gearbox code is GYN (found on sticker in spare wheel area and on top of gearbox) Any other compatible gearbox codes?? Address 02: Auto Trans...
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    Audi q7 dpf regen

    Hi All Ive a Q7 with a flashing coil light and DPF Codes. I'm unable to achieve a regen on it and just hoping for someone to point out what i'm doing wrong. BTW I've tried a few times without success MVB 007.2 Oil Temp higher than 70deg each time MVB 104.3 51.5 I've followed instructions...
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    CAYA 1.6tdi big end/ con rod torque???

    Hi Anybody maybe have a torque setting for big end/con rod for caya engine code 1.6tdi :thumbs:
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    Audi A3 8P ABS Long Coding Help

    Hi all I have an AUDI A3 8P. No previous auto-scan (first time i've seen the vehicle) I have been told the cluster was unplugged and now have no coding in the ABS just showing 00000000000000000000's :banghead: Anyone want to offer up a code ?? Much appreciated Thanks Chris...
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    VW Polo 6R ABS Long Coding Help?

    Hi Looking for some help with this one. Got a 2012 Polo 6R been accident repaired. Some of the fuses on top of the battery were blown (not sure if this was caused during accident or during repair :confused: ) . All replaced and no comms with ABS module, internal fault in control unit maybe...
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    Audi c7 a6 2013 no horn help!

    Thanks in advance for any help. It's much appreciated. I have a 2013 C7 AUDI A6 with horn not working problem. Come to me just for diagnostic but think its now become my problem. Horn can be seen pressed at the steering wheel via data on snap on solus ultra. (Haven't checked this on VCDS)...