I work now as an AMT on the flight line. (Aircraft Maintenance Technician) for a Major Carrier. I spent 17 of those years directing the line maintenance activities of broken 747's and A330's. Everything from Avionics / Navigation to unplugging toilets ... if it's broke .. well "we" deal with it on the line, and keep things SAFE.
I started "professionally" as an automotive technician after graduating Dunwoody Technical Institute in 1979, took all my "ASE" (it wasn't ASE then) certificates after school. Did some dealer work and ran a shop with my Dad for several years in farm country. There wasn't much we didn't fix for people.. .. we even made field calls at harvest time when the dealers wouldn't
nowadays in my spare time I ride motorcycle around the country. I also am a "Homebrew" artist, I enjoy making my own craft beer and sharing it

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North Central, WI USA
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Mike Schulte
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