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    Cloud or unknown VCDS credentials on a tablet

    good thanks...
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    Cloud or unknown VCDS credentials on a tablet

    oh that's ok. do i need to pay for it? I will try to use it thia afternoon.
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    Cloud or unknown VCDS credentials on a tablet

    I don't understand. are you with Ross tech ? looks like you are a Joke to me?
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    Cloud or unknown VCDS credentials on a tablet

    really.... OMG, Ok thanks you. is that it? wow. after that it will work normal, right? thank you
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    Cloud or unknown VCDS credentials on a tablet

    hello, I installed VCDS on a Samsung tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4) after installation is completed the app is asking me for VCDS password. I don't know how to proceed. is it a cloud pass? is it a forum psw? none of the above seem to work. would you please show me how to do this...
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    How to match up an Audi ECU

    Hello Ross tech, I have a question hope someone can help me. I need to replace an ecm on a: 2009 Audi, 2.0L, VIN: WAZZZ8K79A008043. Based on the ecm chasis stickers, how can I find the perfect match (replacement) for it? I've seen good used ecm in ebay (allegedly) I'd like to give...
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    Throttle Adapt not started

    hello, any help here. why i can t start the Throttle adapt on J338 Monday,12,August,2019,14:37:51:23194 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: HEX-NET CB: 0.4508.4 Data version: 20190529 DS308.0 Chassis Type: 4F (4L0)...
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    Oil level correction.

    hello, is it possible to make an oil level correction using VCDS? I got this car and we replaced engine oil 4.9L according to specs, but oil level is marking 1/4 bellow the MAX. Saturday,20,April,2019,15:04:58:23194 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7...
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    IMMO versions

    hello Ross Tech: i have a question related to Immobilizer. I got this vehicle: 2010 audi A4 2.0T is there a way using the scanner to id the immo version on this car? whether using VCDS or other scan tool. Thursday,29,November,2018,11:53:47:23194 VIN: WAUAFAFL9AN068793 License Plate...
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    DTCs that dont turn on mil

    hi every one at ross tech how are you today? got a 2012 Audi SC Q7, question: every time this Q7 Come to shop for a 5000 miles service the engine module comes with those dtcs stored in the ecm 01. but MIL wont turn on ever. what is causing this dtc to trigger...
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    Lost VCDS hex net

    hello is it possible to trace the hex net location or who is using it ? I lost my second hex net head already... either because I left it connected to a car or a co worker found it and didnt say a word. how can i find it? are any way to trace it?
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    Oil light on

    Hello here I am again. thanks for your help. I got an Audi with engine oil pressure light on when cold or at start up. Pressure is fine 18 psi at idle and maybe 50 psi at full rev. I replaced the reduced oil pressure sw already and have checked the oil pressure regulator valve which passed the...
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    Disable MVB 08

    hello Victor Here. I got yesterday a kind of glitch in the application. it didn't allow me to go into the mvb in most of the modules that I clicked on... this is the pic. Then I updated it this morning to ver 18.x and it is back on. my question is since this is a different car. is it vcds...
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    hex net not initialized...

    I can't communicate using Hex net head. it loses connectivity as soon I start using the application. The router is very within the range. latest updates applied. please any help is welcome. Wednesday,20,September,2017,15:31:03:23194 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7...
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    TPMS Re learn tire location

    Hello, is it possible to do tire rotation re-learning using VCDS? if it is so How? thanks. about the TPMS dtcs we already fix the issues. Friday,28,April,2017,10:23:13:23194 VIN: WAUEV74F68N064828 License Plate: TUN SQAD Mileage: 190470km-118352mi Repair Order...