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    Retrofit ACC VW Passat b7

    Hello, I am trying to retrofit the ACC for a 2011 Passat , I am trying to code the ACC from 0010000 to 0010100 but it is asking for security code. Please advice me what to do , Thank you This is the scan from the car Monday,25,April,2016,10:15:57:10212 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator...
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    Adaptive Cruise Control retrofit (2014 Q5)

    Hello, I have a Audi Q5 2014, I retrofit succesfuly the front parking sensors, rear view camera and the ACC. All items from ebay. my problem is that the Brake guard assist is not working,the ACC is working properly, but let me tell you what I done 1. install the ACC sensor 8R0 907 561 A...