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    DSG 0am Issues after transmission swap

    Oh yeah, plenty of euro spec models: the higher power (103 KW+) Golf 1.4 TSI and it's "offspring", like the Touran and Audi/Skoda/Seat models on the PQ35 platform. Some lesser powered versions were only turbocharged... but they still had the timing chain issues but a bit less of the piston...
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    DSG 0am Issues after transmission swap

    A bit like the awards the 1.4 twincharger got too...
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    ATTN : Car manufacturers

    Man, I'd love that motor in my Wifes Touran. Solid, OK consumption, OK power. The FSI stuff on her NA 2.0 is just bullshit to meet "regulations", but it's drawbacks outway it's benefits. It makes nice torque, but more complicated than it's worth. She only uses about 10% less gas with her 2.0...
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    I have a 3.9 V8 Land Rover Discovery 1... :D and actually, you're probably STILL right!
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    Resolved Fault Code 17695 N249 Open Circuit

    I want that sticker, for my Disco!!!
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    anyone else having trouble with the forum today ?

    Have you turned it off and on again??? :D
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    Audi a3 ABS Pump Problem (MK60)

    I'd check the coding is correct in all other modules. Without knowing the history, you don't know what's been changed. Certainly things have been dicked with - the Immobiliser isn't reachable in the scan, so I can only assume the ECU has it deactivated? Perhaps the cluster fault is from that...
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    The Airplane thread

    Those are my favourites! I landed (with help) on the hospital I work at. Then took off from there and played around and landed a couple more times. If we'd had more time, I wanted to fly back to the hospital and crash into it, for fun :D
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    The Airplane thread

    Are Whirlybirds allowed in here? I do some work for our local rescue Helicopter organisation and got to use their flight simulator - built from a Tsunami damaged Sikorsky S–76. It's NZ Civil Aviation Authority approved for certain Pilot flying hours too. We went as a family: Myself, my Wife...
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    VW cc 2011 ac compressor

    The compressor is either seizing, or jamming. Was there chunks of old compressor in the system? Did you fit used compressors? Did you replace the condenser and dryer and flush out the entire system before gassing up?
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    Fuel Trim at Altitude

    The altitude shouldn't affect the trims, as the air is less dense, so the MAF measures less air mass (not volume) going in and the ECU should fuel appropriately (or close enough). -11 percent is a fair chunk of adjustment. Are you at altitude now, but aren't normally there, or is the car...
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    Advice on weaponry

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    YAW SENSOR (Lateral acceleration) RESET

    The first fault code will stop it being able to perform basic settings. You need to check the wiring, but those sensors have been known to fail fairly commonly. They get dry joints inside... which can be resoldered... but it's a sensor for a safety system too, so should probably at least be done...
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    Brake light switch touran golf mk5

    There isn't a brake light switch fault showing? What is the actual problem you're having? Have you changed ABS types? The ABS in the scan is a "ESP FRONT MK60" version, which Is more likely to have come from a Touran, than Caddy? The Caddy often had no ESP. I would suggest coding it all...
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    The Airplane thread