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    Difficult start after short stops/ when engine is hot - 2011 A6 C7 3.0 tfsi

    Does it start easier if you press the throttle just after it starts cranking longer than expected? If the evap valve is stuck open, you can get a rich/hard warm start. On my car, it tended to be after getting to temp, then leaving it for 15 to 40 minutes. Sorter or longer and it mostly started...
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    2015 Jetta TDI Highline - Cluster Speed issues

    You *may* be able to try VDO editor (I haven't looked at your compatibility): It isn't compatible with my older cluster though, so I actually removed the needle and shifted it :thumbs:. I run taller tyres, and there was only so much compensation the...
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    If I was in the market for a laptop...

    My laptops come out of the "E-cycling" bin at work... Might be a while (if ever) before these show up there :D
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    ... it was funny to me....

    This is what happens when seesaws get banned in playgrounds for "safety reasons":facepalm:
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    2008 Vw Golf gti MK5 , strange problem I need help

    From memory, the changeover valve occurs at an RPM around that 3800, so it's quite possibly related?
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    2011 Golf 1.4tsi, Fuel Rail/System Pressure

    They get slightly warm, normally.
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    2011 Golf 1.4tsi, Fuel Rail/System Pressure

    Those modules have been known to fail (and occasionally melt/catch fire :eek:) You are correct; The ECU sends a PWM signal to that module and the module varies the power to the low pressure pump.
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    EV Thread

    The Battery in our old E39 525i *only* lasted a few days over 13 years... despite my Mrs running it flat and roll starting the car (yes, it had a real trans too). The one in Dads E30 325i SE *only* lasted 9 years... and the second one only 6 months... turns out the alternator regulator had a...
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    Random Videos

    We had him first! :p ;)
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    Golf VII gti perf 230hp year 2015 : 5W40 ?

    Often factory oil recommendations are biased towards economy, rather than engine life etc. Personally, I'd have no problems running 5W-40, or even 0W-40. Older models often allowed 5W-40 anyway.
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    Can't find Group 13 in Engine module

    Those compression figures aren't horrendous, but cylinder 1 is noticably lower than the others... But I dont know the factory spec. I wonder if a leakdown test would show more? Also, did cylinder 1 require longer cranking to get to 9 bar? Another option is the cam timing these things like to...
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    Can't find Group 13 in Engine module

    I hate to say it... but... should start with a compression test.....
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    Can't find Group 13 in Engine module

    Doesn't "Injection Quantity Deviation" apply to the TDI's? Not being familiar with VCDS-Lite, I'm assuming you don't get the full label files of the full VCDS system? Are you experiencing rough idle?
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    Wheezing/Grinding Sound, 2006 VW Passat B6

    Diagnosing noises on the interwebnet is nearly impossible, but: That could be the timing chain on the transmission end of the head (often noisy at startup and other times, if it's really bad) or something on the serpentine belt - the tensioners can make a rymthmic noise, as can the one way...