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    Immobilizer ?

    Was the scan done with a manually selected chassis type? Auto-detect doesn't bring up this chassis description for a 1K by itself... does it??? It's certainly not trying to scan for much! Or is that related to no gateway power or something???
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    Mk5 Golf Cluster Help Required

    Oh, and don't you have to do it in "immobiliser", not "instruemnt cluster"???
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    Mk5 Golf Cluster Help Required

    You use "security access 16" to login. I suggest you follow the instructions, writing them out as a step by step list, including when to put in which access code - it's easy to confuse the codes when you do it real-time.
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    I'd heard Teslas had bits fall off quite often.
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    7-Speed DSG to 6-Speed Manual Transmission / Recode ECU to Manual

    For Immo4A, I pulled the PIN from the R32 engine ECU by manually reading the eeprom with a clip and eeprom programmer. For the original cluster in my car, I read the eeprom with an OBD tool, then pulled the PIN from that read. I tried to read the eeprom on a (spare) 4C cluster with the same...
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    7-Speed DSG to 6-Speed Manual Transmission / Recode ECU to Manual

    I'm not sure which are the best tools to change to ecu - I know a factory authorised agent can match a new ECU to the car... but it may only let them do the "correct" (by VIN) ECU though. There are some tools that can do it, but they have to be done by people who know what they're doing. I've...
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    7-Speed DSG to 6-Speed Manual Transmission / Recode ECU to Manual

    You'll probably need to swap the engine ECU. On my Touran conversion, the ABS code disappeared once I had a manual engine ECU. My ABS reported as MK60 thoguh, not MK60-AT, though it was from a DSG equipped Golf R32. You *might* be able to flash the manual software onto a DSG engine ECU, though...
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    VW R32 2008 O2 Sensor P2098 Intermittent Fault

    Check your exhaust flexies (and other joins) for leaks.
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    ... it was funny to me....

    More security cam footage... I live directly opposite a Mountain Bike Park... 2 of my Brother-in-laws were there today... saw the camera on the pole, and doubled back.... :D No "Moons" yet though!
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    ... it was funny to me....

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    Random Photos

    You can probably guess which house is mine: (Samsung J5 Prime) Someone stole the sign (which I expected to happen!) So I installed 4K CCTV around the property and bought a new sign... My boys wanted to look at the camera on the morning of the first day it was up properly: (PC screenshot...
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    MK70 coding after BKD conversion

    Have you checked the coding in ALL the modules? Perhaps even the engine coding may reflect the brake system used? Did the Touran only have MK70? I've never seen a Touran that didn't have MK60, with stability control... but I'm in NZ. Or maybe the cluster? It could be the ABS is not compatible...
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    Low idle rpm with parking brake light stays on

    Carbon build up in the inlets and/or a vacuum leak are notorious for causing similar problems on the 2.0 FSI na in the MK5 cars. On my wifes, the PCV hoses were leaking, the dipstick was cracked and the inlet ports were clogged up. Started dead cold, it ran fine because it's running extra...
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    New user with a problem

    On my car, the undertray has to come off to see the connector (Touran though!)