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    Second coolant sensor measuring block missing (G62, Phaeton V8)

    I spent quite a long time trying to decide where to post this based on the rules. It's car-specific, but is about an apparent gap in what the product supports for that car.
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    Second coolant sensor measuring block missing (G62, Phaeton V8)

    Thanks Jason! I don't understand most of that. I haven't spent much time with the software since I only use it on the rare occasions my Phaeton has an issue. I'm using the Android app, and all I see is a list of measurable values with a description and a number, there's no "block" as far as I...
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    Second coolant sensor measuring block missing (G62, Phaeton V8)

    I'd been getting implausible signal/signal too high indications from my cooling system for a couple of years, but only in winter. When it first happened, I scanned the car and watched what I thought were the two coolant sensors, and it showed both rising from cold, pointing to a thermostat...
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    Update is hung up

    Trying to run an update using the V2 jar. It's hung up with the Applying Update bar about halfway through and the Setting Up bar about a third of the way through. I get the following Java console error followed by a timeout error and then repeating null pointers: null device error...
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    Unable to run firmware update

    I started doing a firmware update yesterday and it failed roughly halfway through. Unit works fine, just on older firmware. Now when I try to run it, I get a timeout when it's trying to reach the download server. I've done a factory reset and reconnected to the router, router shows Hexnet in...
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    Connection problem but not in infrastructure mode

    I can't get my Hex-net to connect when I'm away from my home network. The phone will connect to the wifi, but times out when trying to connect to the home page of the unit. Same thing happens with both the VCDS app and the browser. With the app, it finds the Hex-net, I click on it, then...
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    Autoscan hangs and 14.2.3 won't connect

    It seems as if every time I try to use the HexNet for something real (not just testing) it doesn't work! I needed it today for a coolant code. Initially had some difficulties connecting so I updated the firmware and then updated to VCDS 14.2.3. The Windows software won't work at all, with a...
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    AP mode not visible from Windows XP

    In access point mode my HEX-NET isn't visible from my XP netbook. It works fine in infrastructure mode, and in AP mode it's visible from both my Android phone and my Linux desktop. With Windows, it just doesn't appear in the list of visible networks. I don't think it's a problem with the...