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    Cannot complete update CB 0.4206 -> 0.4207

    Unit is HN1-000088, current versions installed: CodeBlock V0.4206 FW version: 0.215 Dataset: 00000032 With the HEX-NET connected to wifi, I check for updates and it prompts me to install update CB 0.4207, I click through to run the update. The update downloads in its entirety, it moves to...
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    Feature requests to make logging and analysis easier

    I know you all have your hands full for now, but I wanted to suggest two enhancements to the logging experience that I think would help users get more out of it. These would be applicable to both the thick VCDS client on Windows and the web-based VCDS on the HEX-NET. First suggestion: I know...
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    Where to suggest new features for VCDS / HEX-NET?

    I don't see any forums where a feature suggestion wouldn't be off-topic, so this is the most generic forum... where might I go to make a suggestion for some usability tweaks related to logging in VCDS / HEX-NET?
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    Can't complete registration on VCDS Cloud

    When I try to use cloud functions and am redirected to the to login or register, I am unable to create an account. I didn't see any other posts about this, so either it's working for other folks, or it's not yet functional and I'm the first to try it. The page lists the right...