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    Can't download and can't email author

    I was hoping to try this program out but I've tried to download it using the link on several times and it is always blocked by Windows Defender because it claims there is a virus or threat in it (Trojan Win32:Wacatac.C!ml). I've tried sending an email to the email on the same web...
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    2020 MY Touareg R Line Tech Trailer Light errors

    Can I assume that these are transient errors caused by disconnecting and reconnecting the caravan with the engine running and can be ignored/cleared? My wife checked the caravan lights were all working each time we set off. Thanks... Thursday,06,August,2020,07:48:08:52412 VCDS -- Windows...
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    DTCs not clearing

    Hi. I have spent a long time searching the forum for an answer to my question but can't find one. There is a lot of stuff on here though please excuse me if I missed it. I've got a few DTCs that appear on all my scans and I've tried clearing them but they don't go away. I read that clear all...
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    Just popped in

    to say hello to everyone at Ross-Tech and the dedicated band of contributors. I've noticed that despite everything that is going on, there's people replying non-stop to cries for help. Thank you for your dedication and all the work you guys and gals put in. Barkeep - virtual beers all round...
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    Would it be possibe to include the date and time in VCDS-Mobile logs?

    When I scan my car and save the logs, quite often they won't save to the cloud and I end up having to save them later. The problem is that if you can't save them as soon as they are created they sometimes don't get saved in the correct order and it is really hard to tell which scan was which...
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    Received a message saying "please send this scan to Ross-Tech"

    Just scanned my 2020 model Touareg with my HEX-NET and using the web interface it said that ASAM data was missing which isn't really surprising. I tried the download the first time and tried again but got the same message so I cancelled the download the second time so that I could save the log...