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    Questionable version

    @jyoung8607, we have been at this game since 2006. 15 years of playing whack-o-mole in one form or another. Do you really think the purveyors of these knock-offs give a hoot about a threat? Allow me to assure you they do not. They simply take down the sale on a particular page and then they...
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    @jyoung8607: Your order is in. Order ID is 493331, set to ship by Useless Sloppy Package Smashers (USPS), arriving when next the sun is entirely eclipsed by the moon for your region.
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    Absent memory - might be helpful to others?

    And I have.. @Zenerdiode, you have an email with confirmation details. This will go out by USPS.. should arrive by slow boat within a year's time. Reference number is 493180.
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    New User - Looking for help clearing a Software Code

    when we speak of forcing readiness, we are speaking of forcing the tests to run without driving the car.
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    New User - Looking for help clearing a Software Code

    For the record, anytime fault codes are cleared from the engine control module, Readiness tests must be re-run. These occur as one normally drives the car. This is a requirement change to the OBD standard because early on, people would clear faults and readiness might be fully tested and set...
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    Lots of Problems

    We understand your frustration. It seems you have two choices: continue to learn through the frustrating difficult troubleshooting, expending your time and money on parts as you go, or take the car to a professional and hope their cost to repair is not too high. Suggestion: if you take to a...
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    Thanks for being here and for posting. Please continue to read and to help as you are able. This is a community of people who help others. We give back when we have been helped. We hope you will see value in both receiving and providing help.
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    09 vw rabbit abs module problems

    How To Post Pictures
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    Lots of Problems

    Did you notice that the letters WD were in bold green? If you hover over them, you will see the definition: Wiring Diagram. The wiring diagrams can be downloaded from erWin. See this page: Official Factory Repair Information A DMM is a Digital MultiMeter used to work on electrical parts of...
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    Can i Change the Language.

    You bought your interface from our Czech distributor. As such, you can download and use the English version of the software. The license in your unit allows you to use both. To toggle, you must actually stop VCDS_Czech and start VCDS (English). You cannot within either language program...
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    Do I have a fake?

    Was there something unclear in Mr Ross's reply? Yes, you have a fake and that was proven by the autoscan you posted in the thread. The seller is being difficult. They want to keep your money.
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    2010 Audi Q5 3.2 cranks, but won't fire. No codes.. Which VCDS tests can I run?

    Did you view our video for how to test the high pressure fuel system? Jef made the video...
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    HEX-NET SD critical error - upon first scan and still have it.

    The SD Critical error is the SD card inside the HEX-NET. Usually this error is generated when the SD Card has an issue with the control of the memory unit such that the contents saved to the card is questioned. Most often, the solution is that Ross-Tech needs to send a replacement SD Card...
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    New User with scan (Mk4 GTI VR6)

    Have you looked at the injectors to see if they are being pulsed to open and squirt fuel? What about air? Any chance something is blocking the air flow? But what is really curious is that you have no engine faults but no fire... Scratching my head.
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    I lost my dongle (HEX+CAN old version cable)

    reply sent from Sales....