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    Golf 7 DRL does not work

    Do you have any saved copies of your autoscan? We really need to see the information of how the car is equipped to help here. Please check your VCDS folder for saved autoscans and post the most recent.
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    It has also been my experience Dave. When I have worked on teams where all were included and ideas were pursued rather than just doing what we are told, we accomplished much much more. Further, all wanted the success of the idea to be the team's success. Top down styles tend to stymie...
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    Random Videos

    Those that charged for reactive power did so with a power factor ratio charge. I actually presented a paper on it at a trade fair. Most heat treat operators had no idea how their power bill was calculated and did not know they could do something about their charges. Not only did Uwe and I...
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    VCDS Interface Not Found

    From where did you buy this unit? That is, from which of our listed distributors did you buy? They will support you if you call.
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    Random Videos

    Didn't you know some guys who made a power supply for large industrial heat treat furnaces that corrected power factor? At least one of those guys was very clever as I remember. Whatever happened to them? ;)
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    DV52 Wrote: Time will tell Don. The move to division has been 30+ years in the making. The views of the two parties and the supporters of those parties are becoming entrenched to the point neither will listen to other. Just because an idea is initiated by the other party, the idea is...
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    2009 B8 Audi A4 - Convinence control Software version update? - NO Power from sockets

    Dealer tool only. If you find a repair facility with an ODIS installation, and they have the necessary permissions from VAG, they too can do a flash update of a control module.
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    Don, I have lost faith in the ability of our government to hold reliable independent elections where The People are assured that only one vote by one person is counted. I believe both parties would like to corrupt the mail in systems to have their way. I believe they are doing all they can to...
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    hi everyone

    You do not need to do it until you do an Advanced Function that requires the VIN in order to let you proceed. VCDS will ask for it when it needs you to do it.
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    Intermittent to no parking assist

    There is not enough information to make a decision. A no signal/communication fault is indicating just that - there is no signal detected nor any communication. Could it be the sensor? It could. But it could also be wiring or something wrong with the controller for the Park assist. If it...
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    Altitude Sensor / Boost Pressure Sensor fault P1592

    Hi. Did you notice the intermittent status of the error? That means the fault occurred and was not still present at the time of the scan. Looking at the saved data, I'd guess Sun Spot activity! That is, I think this is one of the random faults that occur to confuse the best of us. I would...
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    Controler delete

    To remove modules that are showing in the Gateway Installation list, you would need to go into the CAN Gateway and remove these modules. You sure these modules are not present? An Autoscan pasted here would help us to better answer you.
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    Battery issue ???

    Do you think a piece of software is clairvoyant and is able to discern where a break in a wire is located? How might it do that? By what magic might it know where the break in a wire is located? Your expectation that VCDS is the magic genie of Auto repair needs modification. Sometimes we...
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    2019 RS3 VIM

    While it may be possible with VCDS, the discussion of VIM is not welcome on this forum owing to the laws in most countries that prohibit Video In Motion. Ross-Tech cannot help nor host those who would be wanting to turn on such a feature that is prohibited by safety law. Please, while we...
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    Will VCDS work for Audi S1 ?

    Not correct. HEX-NET does work with Lambo No RT tool is compatible with the Mercedes/Chrysler designed and manufactured Routan that was offered by VW. To work Routan, one needs a Chrysler compatible factory level diagnostic tool. Even the ODIS implementation for VW dealers was a poor...