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    Help datalogging Bentley dual ecus

    Not sure what you might be doing wrong. Would you mind posting a full autoscan of the Bentley so we can see what's going on? How to post an Auto-Scan
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    '17 plate Tiguan. Steering wheel control module U0212

    We suggest you use the factory repair information to make this replacement. It may not need coding but there usually are basic settings and adaptations required. There is a process to getting it calibrated.
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    Switch between economy and sport mode, ahu JB ecu?

    To get help, we really need to see information about your car which is provided in an autoscan. Would you please post one? How to post an Auto-Scan
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    2014 RS5 - Do not exceed 6000RPM message and coolant temp rising

    Care to share a copy of the Autoscan? Then we may have a clue. How to post an Auto-Scan
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    ABS coding help (ABS8.2)

    You sure it was not saved? Did you check the log files in your Ross-Tech VCDS folder?
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    2018 q5 light control module

    ODIS with a full subscription would be required to access the VAG servers where the details of the parameters are stored. I doubt the Autel tool has been given permission to access the VAG servers. ODIS only as far as we know.
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    2011 S4 intermittent no-start

    If it were me, I would do a visual inspection to see that all is good. I'd likely take things apart and check for a bent pin. Then I would start thinking about ways to do other checks. If you had this area apart and open, chances are, despite all best efforts, something is not quite tight.
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    2011 VW Touareg VR6 - Fuel Gauge Not Working

    There was a reason in the early days of electronics that all connections were done on gold plated contacts... they do not oxidize as much as beryllium-copper or tin-zinc alloys. Making things for less sometimes comes with a negative result. Gold does not fret as far as I know. The best...
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    2011 S4 intermittent no-start

    Given the fault about the ECM relay issue, first thing I would want to do is to get the wiring diagram and see how many of these items get power through that relay. It might explain a bunch of the faults if finding a common +12 or a common ground. I would not nor am I suggesting that you...
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    Door locks and other comfort module problems.

    Not necessarily a module. You could have communications issues that are related to wiring to the module - the Central Convenience module. Jef wrote about this above. If I had to guess, swapping parts will not solve these issues..
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    [Controller Channels Map] Snapshot

    The HEX in the name of the products have to do with our partner in design. Their company name includes the word "HEX". The name has nothing to do with what VCDS is capable of doing. You need a current generation HEX interface to perform a raw hexadecimal file output. (HEX-V2 or HEX-NET)
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    Skoda Octavia Virtual Cockpit Retrofit - Nav error

    How To Post Pictures
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    Golf MK7 - Misfire Diagnostics

    Glad you are convinced it is not the tune... or the re-install. Color me skeptical.
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    Golf MK7 - Misfire Diagnostics

    I agree... but if you are not seeing performance issues, then I would continue to watch it. Doesn't seem right to me either. This would not be the first time something seemed wrong to me but I had no real failures to report.. Keep checking on a weekly basis and then expand to monthly if you...