An Electrical, Electronic Engineer by training, I have served most of my employers as a project leader and manager. I tried my hand at running my own business where I learned many of the tools that I use today to manage the staff and the operations of Ross-Tech.

On weekends, you will find me pursuing my interests in people, singing, sound engineering, reading, hunting, woodworking and most recently farm land management - can you say TRACTORS?

Married with three grown children, I am trying to figure out what this part of life should be about! Uwe says he's keeping me around until I am really ancient. Why he wants to smell decaying old bodies, I have no idea.

Main Interests at the end of 2020: Tractoring, farm machines, cutting down trees to make straight a path in the woods, planting deer food, building things, woodworking, being outdoors, spending time alone thinking of what might be next, sitting in a tree freezing my bunns while hoping and praying a squirrel should pass by to kill the boredom (Hunting), Singing, Studying, Continuing the process of growing into the person I might someday be.
January 20
Near Philadelphia, PA, USA
Director of Operations, Sales & Marketing
First and Last Name
Bruce Ruhf
Company Name
Ross-Tech, LLC
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