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    2018 Tiguan Abs Codes

    Without seeing how the vehicle is equipped and configured, there's little chance that anyone will be able to help you. See also: -Uwe-
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    2018 Tiguan Abs Codes

    Please post an Auto-Scan for context. -Uwe-
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    Pray tell, who was the equivalent foreign influence to Victoria Nuland back then? -Uwe-
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    Skoda Kodiaq LED lights on tilted fully down

    First thing I would try is the Output Tests in 55-Headlight Range. You should be able to move the lights left, right, up and down with those tests. Probably best to do this at dusk where you can see beams move. Assuming that works as expected, you may wish to try the Basic Settings as...
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    VCDS 22.9 freezes up when logging

    Neither "Group UDS" and "Turbo" are guaranteed to be 100% reliable. Both are pushing the envelope outside of normal specifications. Are you suggesting that previous versions of VCDS did not "freeze up" under the exact same conditions, logging the same values? -Uwe-
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    Seat Arona Model Year 2020

    Hi and welcome. The fault code in 17-Instruments is nothing to worry about; someone tweaked one of the SRI channels to a value that isn't within the range that the instrument cluster expected. I'm not sure what to tell you about the fault code in 44-Steering Assist, other than it's internal...
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    Audi A3 2004 Siemens VDO immobilizer IV adaptation

    Ah yes, there we have it: You will see that changes ever time the ignition is cycled. A PIN will not suffice here. -Uwe-
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    TIGUAN AD1 Sliding roof out of calibration

    There are several Basic Settings in the Sunroof module that look promising, but AFAIK, nobody has developed detailed procedures for using them. -Uwe-
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    Fixed that for you. :) -Uwe-
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    Audi A3 2004 Siemens VDO immobilizer IV adaptation

    Immobilizer has a serial number starting with "AUX". I think this will need a challenge/response rather than just a simple PIN. Post Advanced ID data from Immo please? -Uwe-
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    2009 Audi A3 ABS Long Coding (MK60EC1)

    That sounds like a dodgy ABS module to me. -Uwe-
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    2014 Passat backup camera issue

    Please post an Auto-Scan for context, so people can see how the car is equipped and configured. -Uwe-
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    2011 Touareg TDI N82 valve test???

    I think it's have to trouble-shoot it with a wiring diagram and a meter to make a confident determination. -Uwe-
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    2007 vw passat steering wheel lock

    I've never personally done that on a 3C Passat, but PIN code is 5 digits, I would say, no, it probably isn't necessary to put a 0 in front of it. -Uwe-
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    = 2,000,000 hpa or 2,000 bar. That seems in the right range. But don't ask me why the heck VW uses hpa as units for this when bar would be far more sensible, or why they spec'd a goofy exponential notation. Then again, there are also modules that show battery voltage in millivolts. It...