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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Those arguments might have some validity if these vaccines, like all other vaccines that are more-or-less mandatory had 5-10 or more years of safety and efficacy data accumulated. But they do not. In fact, there is plenty of data that calls both their safety and their efficacy into question...
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    No argument. Now the question is: How effective do you believe they are? If you take it, do you believe it will actually protects you or not? And if it does protect you, what difference does it make to you whether the person standing next you has taken it or not? Sure. Page 5...
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    Vag flash data

    In general: Updated software and parameter files that can be flashed into control modules. -Uwe-
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    MKV GTI - 01317 - Control Module in Instrument Cluster (J285) 004 No Signal/Communication -Intermittent

    Dodgy connection of some sort to the cluster (possibly power). Pull the cluster and check harness pins per wiring diagram. Also possible the cluster itself is failing. -Uwe-
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    Incorrect chassis

    So instead of getting new key(s) matched, you installed an ECU and Cluster that have the wrong VIN in them? <SMH> [Select] [15-Airbags] (or one of the other modules that have this fault) [Adaptation] Type 81 into the channel number on that screen, then click [Read] Put the correct value...
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    How can I reset the clutch data on 7-Speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG/0AM)?

    I'm not aware of anything else than can be done on this transmission other than going through the Basic Settings sequence. -Uwe-
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    Difficult start after short stops/ when engine is hot - 2011 A6 C7 3.0 tfsi

    Check that it's not bleeding fuel pressure off when you shut it down? -Uwe-
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    B6 a4 avant door control module and garage door opener control head question

    Unfortunately, Audi doesn't share everything with us either, nor did we ever put an oscilloscope or other tool on that particular wire back when we had a B6 as a development mule for VCDS almost 20 years ago. -Uwe-
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    A4/B9 Green Menu

    No since there is not indication that your VCDS is not working properly, it is in the correct place here. See also: -Uwe-
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    2015 Jetta TDI Highline - Cluster Speed issues

    Me too. Given that the digital speed shown by the cluster and the odometer are both off by the same amount, I would expect the speed in the measuring values of the cluster to match those. I do not think they have any means to correct this either. -Uwe-
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    Using my Scanner for key programming.

    I'm not terribly confident even in the "Remote" part. It depends on how the car is equipped. If it has keyless entry or push-button start, then definitely not. And it's not just ODIS that's needed, but also a connect to and an authorized account on the factory's servers. -Uwe-
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    VCDS with VAG MEB platform vehicle -- working?

    Does VCDS work? I would say it does. Take a look here: Yes, some (most?) "adjustments" will be blocked by SFD. VCDS supports off-line SFD tokens now too, see here:
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    Volkswagen server

    I don't mean to rain on your parade, which you have surely organized in an attempt to be helpful, but... The erWin link above doesn't work if one isn't logged in, and it is an NAR specific site in any case. The e-mail address is NAR specific as well. Unfortunately @khaledabdulaziz is not...
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    Mk5 golf - only reading engine

    Yes, the HEX-V2 (and the HEX-NET) are universal interfaces, supporting both dual K-Lines and CAN bus. -Uwe-
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    Volkswagen server

    In the US, Canada, and the EU, there are government regulations that require VAG to make genuine ODIS and accounts on their server available to qualified repair shops. However, my understanding is that this is not the case in all markets. I have no idea whether what the situation is in...