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    MK60EC1 issues cant finish adaptation

    Hi and welcome. What was the part number of the original ABS module? Are you following the procedures documented here? -Uwe-
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    2017 Q5 3.0T PCV Valve Malfunction

    I believe it means the fault condition in question has been seen at least once since the last time fault codes were cleared. -Uwe-
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    New at this

    Your screen-shot is not visible to me. I get a "Do Not Enter" symbol. -Uwe-
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    Random Videos

    For $110,000, it guess it had better be. :) -Uwe-
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    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    Is your car an R8? I'm pretty sure the transmission in an R8 does not resemble your 02E in any way, shape, or form. ;) Have you checked the fluid level? When was the last time the fluid was changed? Have you tried running the complete Basic Settings sequence on your transmission...
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    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    OK, but the condition you're trying to correct only happens when the transmission is shifting from one gear to the next, right? Even if it feels like the engine at that point, keep in mind that the a DSG transmission can and does request torque reduction from the engine during shifts, and if a...
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    2011 JSW LED low beam Canbus errors

    I suggest measuring the current they're actually drawing when they're on. You don't necessarily have to do this in the car; you could do it "on the bench" with a 12V power supply and compare the current readings with a real H7 bulb. -Uwe-
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    Driver’s Door Switch and DTC

    Hi and welcome. If it's not the switch itself, have you verified all the wiring to the switch? -Uwe-
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    2012 Passat TDI no start

    Hi and welcome. I don't think picture of your PR-Codes sticker will be particularly helpful here, but just for future reference: My recollection is these engines need 200 RPM or more to start, and I gather you're not getting that? -Uwe-
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    06 Touareg Downgrading from HID to Halogen

    Did you disconnect the 55-Headlight Range module first? -Uwe-
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    06 Touareg Downgrading from HID to Halogen

    Hi and welcome. I think you're going to need wring diagrams to compare HID and Halogen setups. Once you disconnect the 55-Headlight range module from the vehicle, you'll need to do a "reset" in the 19-CAN gateway to get it to re-learn what's installed and what isn't. You should post an...
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    Audi A3 8P 2010 Cylinder Disabling/ Misfire P130A P0303

    IF you've already swapped coils, having a look at the spark plugs would be the next step I'd take if it were mine. -Uwe-
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    Key transponder not recognised by immobiliser - Golf VR6

    Sounds like it. I believe there are highly specialized locksmith tools that can identify and test transponders, but I'm not sure... -Uwe-
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    BWA engine vcds log (is it good?)

    Why do you think the engine is causing this rather than the transmission? -Uwe-
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    In the distant past, I consistently voted 3rd-party (Libertarian). Then for roughly the past 10-15 years, I pretty much gave up on the political process. But this year, I once again registered to vote, as a Republican. So although we haven't met in the flesh, I guess: -Uwe-