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    Audi Q3 2014 coding ESP without AWD

    Hi NEtech, I try to put 0050568 but coding is rejected. Any other idea:0) Regards, Mijatlee
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    Audi Q3 2014 coding ESP without AWD

    Hi, thanks for replay. Connector from HALDEX is removed and will not be in use. This autoscan is before I make change on gateway, that part of the job is easy but recoding ESP is pain in the "mass" :0) Regards, Mijatlee
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    Audi Q3 2014 coding ESP without AWD

    Hi, I need help to make coding for ESP without AWD (Haldex) from Audi Q3 2014 if it possible. Thanks! Thursday,29,July,2021,14:41:04:22815 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86 VCDS Version: HEX-V2 CB: 0.4543.4 Data version: 20210226 DS325.0...
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    Audi A8 2004 Dashboard is not working

    Hi to all, I have problem with Audi A8 year 2004, engine is 3.0 TDI. One of the things that do not work is Dashboard. Dashboard is working but RPM, speedometer, coolant temperature... do not work. I'm posting the autoscan and it will be easier to see what is hapend with this car...
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    New user

    Hi, My name is Slobodan I'm from Serbia. Before I bought VCDS I use clone interfece and I'm very sorry for that :( , because I know how much efort is taken to make state of art diagnostic like VCDS with all troubles ahead :thanks: . I'm glad to become VCDS user and forum member :) . I want to...