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    Current Versions

    Speaking of translations, the Polish ver.21.3, compared to the English ver.21.9, lacks about 10,000 non-translated error codes. Is it influenced by RossTech because it does not look nice from the point of view of Polish users and complicates the work, especially in the presence of the customer...
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    Current Versions

    Ver.21.9 works ok, they work on the Polish version 21.3, it still does not work with wifi only with a usb cable. And this is probably not what HEX-NET is about.
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    Current Versions

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    Current Versions

    Hello, after updating to CB V0.4555, the automatic scan does not open in the "gateway instalation list" in ver.21.3.0, in beta 21.8.2 it is ok.
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    WANTED: 2012 AUDI A3 1.6 TDI, CAY

    I only speak Polish, if they help; ;SW:03L-906-023-M HW:03L-906-023-L --- Silnik ;Komponent:R4 1.6l TDI H23 9979, Kodowanie:00114036032401080000 ;EV_ECM16TDI02103L906023M,003017,EV_ECM16TDI02103L997557Q.rod ;Wtorek,06,Lipiec,2021,12:05:59:46674 ;Wersja VCDS: AKP 21.3.0 Wersja danych...
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    Towbar / Trailer activation (2020 T6.1)

    "1 Fault Found: 0602 - Function Restriction due to Faults in Other Modules U1113 00 [008] - - [Dst_EpsTorqReqRejected] Intermittent - Confirmed - Tested Since Memory Clear"
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    Towbar / Trailer activation (2020 T6.1)

    Is that "[Dst_EpsTorqReqRejected]" not referring to the power steering, take a look at the coding or adaptation in hex44.
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    VW Golf 5 ABS Basic Settings

    Check the impulse from the abs sensors, especially the rear wheels, if there are anomalies (pic) on a given wheel, it is most likely the wheel hub with a signal disc to be replaced. After that, logging and adaptations should go smoothly.
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    2021 Skoda Kamiq Brake disk drying Security access code

    Hello, he help you ; 40304
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    Calling all cars. Calling all cars. Polish Coalcracker screwwed up Auto HVAC

    Hello, try to do this process again with a rotational speed of 2000 revolutions.
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    VW Caddy 2K ABS MK60EC1 long coding help

    See this one; 423C400D09270001001002E5901B0041000000
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    ABS module coding

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    MIB 2 and the possibility of Retrofitting

    Byte 0-2 Octavia; 037302 Superb; 038401
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    MIB 2 and the possibility of Retrofitting

    Yeti Byte 0-2 031306