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    Touareg MY08 Side Assist (Blind Spot) Turn on/off Speed Change??

    Hi Folks, I have a MY08 Face-lift Touareg, which I have retrofitted with Side Assist , otherwise known as Blind Spot Warning. One feature of the VW Factory Side Assist is that it does not become active until the vehicle is travelling above about 60 km/h (35 mph).. This may be very wwell in...
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    Adblue Warning on my 2008 Touareg TDI which does NOT have Adblue

    Over the last week every time I have started my 2008 Touareg TDi (CASA) I have recieved a warning on the MFD saying that I need to refill my Adblue tank. Sadly my car was built before Adblue was offered here in AU, and as such has no associated hardware, such as a tank, pump etc. Initially...
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    VW Amarok V6 TDI - Retrofit Long Range Fuel Tank - Gauge Recalibration

    Hello, I have a mate here in Melbourne, who is about to replace his factory 80 litre fuel tank with an after-market 120 litre tank. As a result his fuel distance to empty and other gauge related issues will no longer be correct. I am trying to find out how to, if possible to re-code this...
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    Retro Fitting Brembo 17Z 6 Piston Callipers to MY08 T2 Touareg

    I am about to retrofit a pair of 17Z Brembo Callipers to an MY08 V6 TDI and would like find out if the ABS Coding is any different on a vehicle fitted with 6 Piston callipers compared with the 4 Piston units fitted to the V6 TDI. I am looking at units fitted with the ESP ALLRAD MK25E1 model...
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    7L6 Touareg - Intermittent Reversing Camera

    I have a MY08 Touarge with RNS510 and a retrofitted Factory Reversing camera, Everything works as designed, except for about 30% of the time the camera will not engage (RNS510 stays on selected display - Radio etc.) I have been trying to resolve this fault for sometime now including...
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    Fitting Adaptive Cruise Control to a 2008 Touareg V6TDI

    I an currently in the process of Retrofitting Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) into my 2008 V6 3.0 TDI (CASA) Touareg. This is exactly the same as has been done by two other members on the Club Touareg Forum, however one had a V10 TDI and the other had a V8 Gas engine. I currently have all the...