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    VW Transporter (T 5) 2.5 TDI: No response from controller

    What about trying the old slip ring, or just disconnecting the new clock spring and try scanning again?
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    Volkswagen server

    I have both VCDS and also ODIS (With geko) they both have there place and times where each is needed. The difference in main stream use is if you know what your doing! ODIS guides you through the complete job starting by showing all faults then prioritising the the faults and suggesting a...
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    Volkswagen server

    Here my post here about the UK version: VAS6154 appear to be about £900 + vat (20%) currently
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    DQ200 DSG Gearbox Basic Setting Fluid Temperature Advanced Measuring

    It will start fine under 30c. Never managed to get the temp anywhere near 60c - so cant say if it will start over 60c Just try the basic settings - if it fails it will give you code 255 - Failure code - 00 Make a note of the failure code and then you can work out what is wrong
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    DQ200 DSG Gearbox Basic Setting Fluid Temperature Advanced Measuring

    On these the ECU monitors the fluid temp in the mechatronic unit and not the gearbox oil temp, I know it states it must be at 30C and have run the engine to full temp leave for 30-60 mins to soak into gearbox and do basic settings etc. but have also found the ECU doesn't seem to care what...
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    Cold air from vents mk7

    Can you please provide a full autoscan - as we need more information about the car. Also does it have Mit Silikat on the coolant bottle?
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    R5 2.5 TDI - How to test sensors

    I have seem something very similar before lack of power and slow to build boost and this was all 5 injectors, As the van was a 2006 model we had the luxury of checking the exhaust gas temps (As vehicle had DPF) also we knew the injector seals had just been changed before the fault happened...
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    R5 2.5 TDI - How to test sensors

    With these logs the turbo can produce the correct amount of boost and the MAF reading seem to match the turbo so would say there no boost leaks, The problem is how quickly the turbo builds the boost pressure - it way to slow building and also the duty cycle on the N75 is too high, So please...
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    R5 2.5 TDI - How to test sensors

    Please provide a log of groups 003 and 011 under driving full throttle in 2/3rd gear from 1000RPM to close to red line as you can get
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    R5 2.5 TDI - How to test sensors

    I think you find this test is incorrect. The solenoid is open or shut - so applying enough voltage to operate give 100% duty cycle (so i would guess 6v operates it and this is not 50% it 100% duty cycle) where as be open 50% and shut 50% as per PWM turning the power on/off is 50% duty cycle...
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    R5 2.5 TDI - How to test sensors

    This is not a reason to say the turbo is any good! I seen countless faulty new turbos (withy the same fault you describe!) The reason is on a working vehicle the duty cycle should be around 20%-30% by this point so the ECU has already trimmed up 100% Here a know working T5 boost build up...
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    2010 7 Speed DSG 0AM Basic setting failure error code 255-29-0

    Log group 30 in 02-Auto Trans and see what pressure you have- Pump should turn off at 60bar and turn on again 42bar but measure how long does it take to go from 60 to 42 bar.
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    Golf GTD Mk7 Fault Codes Post Timing Belt Change

    Because as the engine warms up everything expands and the timing then goes out. I would be very worried that he not using the proper locking tools as to get it wrong twice already.
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    Mk5 golf instrument cluster.

    2006 seems to be when they changed from immb 4 to 4a so be very careful what version you have.