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    Audi R8 flickering soft lighting

    Hi there... Great follow up post! I find this very interesting... because the part number [8P0 907 279 L] you have now installed is an older part according to the parts catalog and was dropped in 2009. From what I can see the part number [8P0 907 279 L] was most likely the original part that...
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    2015 Audi S3 8V fuel tank calibration/basic setting...

    Hi there, please post an Auto-Scan so we can see the details about the vehicle. edit: Also, are you following the procedures in the Official Factory Repair Information? Thank you, drpeter
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    2008 Q7 MMI and sound no communication diagnostic

    Hello, Thanks for your post and the Auto-Scan! It looks like the vehicle has the Bose Sound System and using VCDS, you can use the [Output Tests-03] in the [47-Sound System] (J525) controller to activate a test tone with each speaker. If there was no sound during the [Output Tests-03] from...
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    Q7 tdi no acceleration

    Hi there, I second the Auto-Scan and with that scan let us know what you see in the Measuring Value Block group [006], field (3) for the "Accel. Pedal Pos. Sensor 1 (G79)" as the concern happens. This value should move as the accelerator pedal does. Let us know! and hope this helps, drpeter
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    Audi R8 flickering soft lighting

    Hello, I have an R8 in disguise, a 2006 Audi A3 to be exact.. :p This A3 uses the same [09-Cent. Elect.] controller as the R8 above. The first one was a [8P0 907 279 F], then it was replaced it with a [P] due to a failed rear wiper motor that smoked the logic part for the left front turn...
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    2014 Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI, 154 000 km / rough idle and stalls in few seconds when cranked

    Hello, Thanks for posting your question and including your Auto-Scan! I am not sure how you checked the timing on this engine, but I would suggest to check the timing chain and all it's components for any concerns again. Use this Ross-Tech forum post (linked below) should be helpful in...
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    Passat 2013 mod N18 valve

    Hello, Thanks for posting your question and including the information above. The fault code in the [01-Engine], "P0403-Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve (N18): Malfunction" can set when one or more of the following conditions occur: The EGR Actuator GX5 has an Open Circuit The EGR...
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    erWin Audi vs erWin VW

    Hi there, You can spend a hour or two at the most downloading all the files / print screens for one vehicle. It can also take as little as a few minutes, (10-20 min, or less?). It really depends on the erWin site, your internet speed, your ability to successfully navigate the erWin website...
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    Audi A3 1.6 tdi cayc 8P 2012 rough idle

    Hello Nick, If you suspect a glow plug, you maybe able to swap the suspect one with another cylinder and see if the concern moves. - Personally I would suspect an injector issue before a glow plug failure. Also you may want to check the basics, like compression, fuel quality, etc. -Just to...
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    VW crafter escl/immo issues

    Hello, Thanks for posting your question. VCDS will not be able to help with the adapting of the immobilizer 4C components. Since this vehicle has an immobilizer 4C system, see below, you will need to use the factory scan tool (ODIS) and an on line connection to the manufacture. But, I am...
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    VW manifold

    Hello, As per our phone conversation today, I suggested to verify the Measuring Value Block group [142] and make sure that field (2) and (3) match, "Actual" and "Specified"... - Check for vacuum leaks, cracks, etc... at the intake manifold flap control. - Verify that the flap moves freely by...
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    erWin Audi vs erWin VW

    Hi there, For $35 bucks (per brand) you get 24 hour access to erWin. That is an awesome deal! From there you can download every single repair manual, wiring diagram, etc.. (gigs of data/PDFs) for ALL the 2021 and older vehicles. Now if you prefer, you could just go to the alternative third...
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    What part is this?

    Hi there, although this TSB-55-15-38 (Technical Service Bulletin) does Not directly apply to your vehicle, it is informative as it talks about the faulty hood latch switches and the Oil Level warnings. Hope this helps and keep us...
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    ... it was funny to me....

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    Huracan Sypder Soft Top Reset

    Hi there ... If you could please post a complete vehicle Auto-Scan, this would help us to see if we can help. Thank you, drpeter