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    VW t5 OEM RC High Line retrofit

    I did it. At the moment I have a BCM from T6 7E0937090D, on bit 24, the conversion is turned on for the CAN Drivetrain TP 1.6 <-> 2.0 line, the engine controller is not changed from the T5 (AXD 2.5 TDI engine, manual 6-speed gearbox). The driver assistance systems are already all from the T6 (so...
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    VW t5 OEM RC High Line retrofit

    Hello, I have installed: BCM 7H0937090B high line camera module 7E0907441 (coding 0000016) - I haven't OPS and trailer hitch module installed. Camera 7E0980551A RNS 510 (1T0035680R) TV tuner 7L6919148A wiring harness 7E7971327C Steering angle sensor 6Q0959654D Steering angle sensor and RNS 510...
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    VW T5.1 BCM short connect to HEX-V2

    Hello, Did any of you connect directly to the BCM removed from the vehicle? I have the 7H0937090B, it looks damaged, I wanted to connect and check directly but it doesn't respond. I connected to the B connector pins. 12V + power supply connected to pin 39, ground to pin 38 (marked as internal...