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    2013 jetta 2.5L AJ SRI 31,553 miles

    Hi, I took my jetta to VW for the first 4 yearly services, but have done my own oil for the last 2, the latest being Oct 15 at 30,798 miles of this year for which I used Liqui Molly VW 502 or greater spec. I think it was about that time i started getting a service reminder which im willing to be...
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    2013 jetta 2.5L AJ readiness codes missing

    CT Emissions testing station detected several readiness codes as NOT READY while I could not tell this from my VCDS scan. My CT test result told me Catalyst: NOT READY , Evaporative System: NOT READY, Fuel System: NOT READY Oxygen Sensor: NOT READY. As a result I failed my initial...
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    "Check Brake Pads" message on 2000 Passat B5 variant v6 auto trans

    I started getting this message and VCDS does not complete but seems to be stuck continuous loop. A circle symbol stays constant in the dash warning message block. The auto scan below seems lacking in component tests so im guessing its the ABS controller which i replaced once about 5 or more...