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    Passat B5.5 W8 ABS codes and then some

    2004 Passat B5.5 W8 M/T Greetings, picked up a oddball wtf 8 cylinder 1 of 11 Silverstone Gray sedan Passat and having troublesome on a few codes. First scan when I got home, and what I've done and think I might know, or not. 03: ABS Brakes-First start the car, sometimes but not always, the...
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    Security access codes

    I've read in several posts that if you want your security access codes to look in a service/repair manual specific to your vehicle. I have said manual, and OEM at that, but what catergory would these codes be in? 05 A6C64F
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    2005 A6 C6 faults

    Greetings to all! Not new to VAG, but new to hex-net and still learning how to use it. This is a scan off a 2005 A6 3.2 saloon. Cleared faults on 1-6-2019 with a OBD11, which explains that date. Can read what I found and think, or skip to scan. 07: 01964 - Control Module for Seat & Steering...