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    Adaptive Cruise control / radar sensor Mk7 Golf

    The Radar is Cryptographically Proteced with CP: ComponentProtection and SWAP/Fec. Only a VW Dealer (and people who can do online CP and Swap) can online enable this after a change of Sensor.
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    2017 Passat NMS errors in ECM, ABS, and Airbag

    FAULT_CIS_ECD_NOTAVAILABLE ECD ==> German acronym form "elektronische Verzögerungsregelung" so Electronic Stopping Control
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    2021 Passat, 2.0T DTDA

    YES YES YES, and it uses a newer ACC FW for PQ Plattform :) looks like we can retrofit now Pedestrian Detection for Front Assist with this to all PQ Plattform
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    2021 Passat, 2.0T DTDA

    Thanks @Jef @Uwe why is STarting with Blockmap 03 everything with a - over it ?
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    T6 ecu coding issues along with acc problems

    Forget the Coding, you have the wrong Steering Wheel buttons installed. You have the One for CCS: 7E0 959 442 You need the One for ACC: 7E0 959 442 A But since ABS is coded...
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    T6 ecu coding issues along with acc problems

    ABS is coded correctly for ACC with Manual Geabox ACC Buttons are installed in Steering Wheel. Ok so in BCM 09 or in ECU 01 ACC is not correctly coded. Since he messed with Gearbox Change, first check ECU Longcoding Byte 5 Is 0x43 that is correct, too. 0x23 is CCS Only .... Than BCM...
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    VW Transporter P0401

    So my best guess is that the EGR Cooler is still not clean enough.
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    Help T5.1 do i have a ECU problem ?

    Your T5 is a Model Year 2011, meaning Build between Mid 2010 till mid 2011. When Exactly was it Build ? From the VW 2570 Pages Scematic two Parts come in option, depending on exact Build Date. 2,0-l-Dieselmotor , CAAA,CAAB,CAAC,CAAE,CCHA,CCHB ab August 2009 Page 77 If Build before November...
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    VW t6 composition media

    I have no clue @ all about MQB :cry: In PQ the CP Crypted Data is 20 Byte in Cluster Eeeprom. Like i described here: And the Data is redundant saved with 32 Byte offset. So i would search for same pattern, yes. But probably in MQB...
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    VW t6 composition media

    Yes if you dont have Radio with CP requirement or the ACC than you dont need the ComponetProtection Master. You can Just use any T6 Cluster to Upgrade and just restore Immo Data. Amarok Cluster is a good Fit, too, (FW is Same as T6) only need to change the Casing, and Eeeprom Data, for Shure...
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    VW Transporter P0401

    If i Read this right, than - 4807 - EGR System P0401 00 [237] - Insufficient Flow Together with Freeze Data: Air mass: specified value: 282.4 mg/stroke Air mass: actual value (mg/stroke): 481.6 mg/stroke So like the Error Message is telling us already...
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    MK100 ABS Coding

    Yes, but you can not put Every Number there. Only the ones by the ABS Supported "Car Type" or how it is called, which is saved in VIN 7&8 can be put there ....
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    Automatic lights retrofit

    PQ25 for ever !!!
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    VCDS 21.3 not talking to PQ25 electrohydraulic power steering

    Hallo @iichel where you able to get 1K8 919 472 C PDC running in PQ25 without J527 Communication Error in PDC ? I hope that this can be fixxed with Dataset change, but did not looked into it ....
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    2017 Passat SEL (NMS) ACC How to Enable Automatic Drive Away After Short Stop?

    I have to add, that VW Manual is refering to DSG as well as Automatic Gear box. In both cases is Stop-and-go possible.