Owned Audi's of one form of another since 1991 so have been through various B2, B3, B4, B5, C5 & C7 machines including S2, S3 & S4 along the way. The old school 20VT 5-cylinder is my favourite engine noise of them all.

Been repairing, modifying, retrofitting tweaking and restoring various things over that time as a hobby so mostly self sufficient on mechanical, electrical & system stuff except for the dealer only stuff or when I just don't find the time or energy.

I was a relatively early adopter of VCDS circa 2001/2 when it had the old serial adapter (which still works BTW). Used on that on the old machines for the longest time, but finally caught up with modern VCDS in 2019 to get me through some tweaks on the newer machines.
Systems Engineer
First and Last Name
Paul Nugent
VCDS Serial number


B3S2 / 8LS3 / B6S4 / C7AR / 6R1 on the go
C5AR, B5Q, B4Q, B3CQ & B2GT gone before