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    WSC removal

    Hi Glyn Yes, that's no problem. Open VCDS, right click the small icon in the top left corner of the VCDS front screen, and choose "Delete config file and close" That will reset VCDS back to how it was when you first installed it Best regards Derek
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    Update 21.3.0 missing rod files

    Hello Would you post an autoscan from one (or both) of the cars please. I think Ross-Tech will need it so they can see which files are missing and if they should have been there (if you delete your install, and re-install, don't forget to copy the logs, scans and debug folders somewhere so...
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    About the new Long Coding Method...

    Hello. I believe some of the reason is that there are some newer modules with extremely coding, but I'll let Niels explain the full reasons for the changes It's worth spending time with the new one to get used to it. I struggled at first too, but it feels normal to use it now If you want to...
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    2014 A7 - datalogging with VCDS

    When you had your buddy's VCDS plugged in, did you save an autoscan by any chance? If yes, please post it and someone will be able to look at the controller on your car and tell you if those parameters are shown Best regards Derek
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    Audi A6 C7 headlight problem

    Hello The fault code shows as "intermittent" which means it is not currently faulty. This could be because there was a problem in the past and the fault code was not cleared, or that the fault only happens sometimes I would clear the code and see if it comes back. If it does come back, check...
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    Please help!!

    Hi Steve Glad it's all sorted and thank you for letting us know all the best Derek
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    Please help!!

    Hello I'm not sure why they are not showing for you, I looked at the data for the ABS controller in your Autoscan, and for me it does show "Start lining change mode" and "End lining change mode" in [Basic settings] on ABS. Note, it wont have the words parking brake with it Do not try other...
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    SRI rest problem

    VAG cars have more complex service reminders than many cars, and it depends whether the car is on fixed or variable / long life service routine, and which type of oil has been used The time and distance one sounds right for the inspection, but alternatively, to do it via the instrument cluster...
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    SRI rest problem

    Hello Many V.A.G. cars have separate oil service and inspection routines on them, so it sounds like this car is due a full inspection You'll need to reset the inspection counters. This can usually be done through the SRI reset option by choosing one of the inspection routines, or if not there...
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    Missing options in VCDS

    Hello Someone from Ross-Tech will give you more details, but from your autoscan, your engine is a PD, and they do not support regeneration wile standing, so that option would not be available in VCDS...
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    Upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi Rob If you're doing an upgrade straight from Windows 7 to Windows 10 rather than removing 7 and starting from scratch, VCDS will most likely still work after the upgrade without any thing else doing. But if you do need to reinstall VCDS, the license is stored in the interface you plug into...
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    New software

    Hello Nik Download VCDS from the Ross-Tech website here Click on the label that matches your interface and that will take you to the download page Best regards Derek
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    Auto scan title shows fault code, but no codes were stored in the module

    Hello It's not really a fault so nothing to worry about, but you'll see this on a car sometimes when the gateway has not yet updated itself to show the module fault status. For example, if the fault codes are cleared in a module, the gateway may still show a fault status for it until the...
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    Forum Software Migration

    Excellent! That will be very useful for typos. I checked a post I made yesterday afternoon and edit was available and working
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    Forum Software Migration

    The weblinks I searched for earlier are working fine now :)