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    After 22.9.0 update

    Hello Would you post an autoscan please so the Ross-Tech engineers can check into this for you Also, please post an older autoscan when you used the earlier version if possible so they can compare them Best regards Derek
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    HEX-V2 (HEX+CAN) not working properly with 2018 Audi Q7

    Hello From your post title, I'm not completely sure if you are talking about a HEX-V2 or an earlier design of interface (HEX-CAN) Would you please post an autoscan from the car so Ross-Tech can see exactly which interface you have and also which modules are showing those messages Best regards...
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    J1979DA PIDs

    Hello Jon Please post an auto scan so we can see exactly what transmission the car has Best regards Derek
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    VW E-UP! ABS unit with no coding (EBC 460 ESP)

    Hello Codings on these ABS units can be unique to each individual car so copying a code straight from another won't work, however Ross-Tech or one of the techs on here may be able to calculate your coding. They'll need complete vehicle information though, so please edit your post to add the...
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    Export Adaptations from drop down menu

    Hello Controller Channel maps sounds like what you're looking for Here's a guide to using the function If this doesn't work for you, it may be that the controller is undocumented. In that case post an autoscan for clarification...
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    Logging cpnb tdi - hex-usb+can vs HexV2

    Hello Please post a full autoscan so the Ross-Tech engineers can see exactly which ECM and other modules are on your car. That will give them a better idea of any time improvements you might get Best regards Derek
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    Sticky Windows 11

    Thanks Mike The customer said it pops back up as soon as he disables it, and he seems a bit nervous about making changes so for now he's using a different laptop. I'm about to upgrade a Samsung machine here so I'm hoping to get the same problem on that and have a play :) All the best Derek
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    Sticky Windows 11

    @Mike@Gendan Hello Mike I have a customer with the same issue on a Lenovo Yoga 6 updated from Win 10 to Win11 Did you get this machine to run reliably with VCDS? Did you have to permanently disable that process, or what else you did to get it working? Best regards Derek
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    Add Vin Confirm

    Hello Yes, I believe it's always been that way, but certainly a long time as this FAQ is from a long while back and shows it like that Best regards Derek
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    Using VCDS for car shopping

    Hello Yes, you can run a full autoscan on as many cars as you need without using any of your spare VINs. Here's the full rundown on what you can do without using a VIN Best regards Derek
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    Latest win 10 update issues.

    Hello What result do you get if you open VCDS and click options / test with the interface plugged into the computer only? And then test again with it plugged into the computer and car? Best regards Derek
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    Scope help on vcds /hex-v2

    You're welcome John all the best
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    Scope help on vcds /hex-v2

    Hello John Try changing the max vertical scale shown in the box on the lower right. That will show more differences in the vertical values which should show any glitches more clearly Here's a quick guide, but feel free to ask if you need any help (data shown below is different to yours as this...
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    Lost functionality in new version?

    Hello It won't be a license issue as you can install on multiple machines Did VCDS offer a firmware update when you updated the software? It would be worth checking just in case Would you post an autoscan please, and if possible one from the earlier version if you have it saved from earlier...
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    Contact to device and home internet

    No I didn't catch it, but I do quite fancy some popcorn and icecream from the cinema shop all of a sudden :)