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    Upgrade to Windows 10

    Hi Rob If you're doing an upgrade straight from Windows 7 to Windows 10 rather than removing 7 and starting from scratch, VCDS will most likely still work after the upgrade without any thing else doing. But if you do need to reinstall VCDS, the license is stored in the interface you plug into...
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    New software

    Hello Nik Download VCDS from the Ross-Tech website here Click on the label that matches your interface and that will take you to the download page Best regards Derek
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    Auto scan title shows fault code, but no codes were stored in the module

    Hello It's not really a fault so nothing to worry about, but you'll see this on a car sometimes when the gateway has not yet updated itself to show the module fault status. For example, if the fault codes are cleared in a module, the gateway may still show a fault status for it until the...
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    Forum Software Migration

    Excellent! That will be very useful for typos. I checked a post I made yesterday afternoon and edit was available and working
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    Forum Software Migration

    The weblinks I searched for earlier are working fine now :)
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    Forum Software Migration

    Agree, it's such a pain when a software change breaks the urls.
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    Forum Software Migration

    New format looks nice, very clear and the 2FA is great to see (all the links I followed in a web search gave me the following oops message though so I guess you haven't finished the redirection yet) Best regards Derek Oops! We ran into some problems. The requested page could not be found.
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    Seat Ateca 2016 (model year 2017) Retrofit Westfalia trailier hitch

    Hello Can anyone offer some guidance to coding on this for retrofitting a trailer module please? I don't want to start changing the codings and then find it's dealer only because of the Auto Distance Regulation or ESP Monday,04,September,2017,13:54:08:22523 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS...
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    IP, Mask and Gateway reversed after submitting

    I've tried this on my Android phone (Galaxy S3 Android 4.3), and two Windows 7 laptops in Firefox and IE While connected to the HEX-NET in AP mode, I click network profile 2 and add my IP, subnet mask and gateway addresses. After submitting them I tried to connect the HEX-NET but could not. It...
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    Android 4.3 wouldn't stay connected to HEX-NET in AP mode

    Nothing wrong with HEX-NET, just something that might help someone else who gets this problem I couldn't make my Galaxy S3 running Android 4.3 stay connected to my HEX-NET in AP mode until I unticked a setting At first I was seeing a message saying "Network disabled because Internet connection...