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    Trouble Installing (dpinst and

    Hello Yes, as far as I am aware, ARM processors are not supported Best regards Derek
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    How do I change the color of the graphs?

    Hello In VC Scope, left click the small icon in the top left corner and choose preferences. You can change the line colours and other options in there Best regards Derek
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    Hex-net firmware update... starting from really old FW version

    Thanks Eric, and my apologies to the original poster, I didn't realise that was the case Best regards Derek
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    Hex-net firmware update... starting from really old FW version

    Hello Can I double check I'm reading your post correctly, Are you running the java version of the config tool on Windows 10? Ross-Tech have made it much easier to do now if you're using a Windows computer that has a USB port. If you do have a Windows computer, download the latest version of...
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    "Sorry, No coding info available"

    Hello Which ECU are you trying to change the coding on (engine, ABS etc)? Would you post an autoscan please so the Ross-Tech engineers can see exactly which version of the ECU it is so they can check into it. If you have one, a previous autoscan from the same vehicle might be useful too Best...
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    Interface issue

    Haha, well you could use that old one as a door stop, it's pretty heavy :) If you've still got your HEX-USB+CAN from 2004 we could take it back as a trade-in against the HEX-NET if you decide to go with that. Best regards Derek PS, @Bruce It's true we do mangle our language a lot over here :)...
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    A Sad Day

    Gosh, that doesn't seem possible. I never met him but he always seemed like a larger than life, invincible sort of chap from his posts RIP Jack
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    Interface issue

    Hello Well first of all 70plus isn't old! You've got donkeys years yet On that very new car you'd need one of the later interfaces, either the HEX-V2 or the HEX-NET, but I haven't plugged into one yet so need to check coverage. I expect someone from Ross-Tech will comment on the coverage...
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    Help with security access

    Cheers Colin, glad it's sorted Best regards Derek
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    Help with security access

    Hello Colin What module are you making the change in? Have you clicked the [Security Access] button and then clicked on the entry box to see if VCDS offers the SA code? Best regards Derek
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    Cable looking a bit tired

    Hi Chris Yes, we can repair it for you, or you could trade it in against a new one Drop us an email with a picture of the whole thing please and I'll take a look Best regards Derek ilexa onboard diagnostics Ltd
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    WSC removal

    Hi Glyn Yes, that's no problem. Open VCDS, right click the small icon in the top left corner of the VCDS front screen, and choose "Delete config file and close" That will reset VCDS back to how it was when you first installed it Best regards Derek
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    Update 21.3.0 missing rod files

    Hello Would you post an autoscan from one (or both) of the cars please. I think Ross-Tech will need it so they can see which files are missing and if they should have been there (if you delete your install, and re-install, don't forget to copy the logs, scans and debug folders somewhere so...
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    About the new Long Coding Method...

    Hello. I believe some of the reason is that there are some newer modules with extremely coding, but I'll let Niels explain the full reasons for the changes It's worth spending time with the new one to get used to it. I struggled at first too, but it feels normal to use it now If you want to...
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    2014 A7 - datalogging with VCDS

    When you had your buddy's VCDS plugged in, did you save an autoscan by any chance? If yes, please post it and someone will be able to look at the controller on your car and tell you if those parameters are shown Best regards Derek