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    13' CC 4motion A/C issues

    i have been having a problem with the A/C in my 13' CC. the A/C works, however i am getting different temps out of the left side dash and floor vent as i am out of the right side dash and floor vent. through VAGCOM, i am getting 20*C (68*F) out of the right side, and only getting 34*C (93.2*F)...
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    2013 CC 3.6 4motion P310B error

    i have been getting this error for several months in my 2013 CC 3.6 4motion. sometimes the CEL comes on, sometimes it doesn't. often times, the car will also die, sometimes when stopped at a stop light, or even while driving at slow(er) speeds. i have also always noticed a knocking sound coming...
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    2013 CC TPMS Issues

    please find the below scan of my issue. when starting the car, the TPMS light will flash for approx. 1 minute then stay constant. i have had all of the sensors tested, inlcuding the spare, and they are all giving out the correct signals. for some reason there is no communication with the module...