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    Rear view camera retrofit issues

    I did not save the 5F adaption values before I used the Kufatec coding dongle. 5F coding: 01739301FF0A000011111101000A02302F0026C5017001005E 5F adaptions: IDE00001-Production mode,00 00 00 ,3 IDE00346-Summertime-automatic,Europe ,1 IDE00759-Base volume of speech output,50 %,1 IDE00768-Country...
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    Rear view camera retrofit issues

    Hi. I have a A3 8V FL with rear PDC, and wanted to install rear view camera. I bought the camera from Kufatec, so I coded everything with a coding dongle I got from them. The camera wouldn't work, but I read somewhere that I had to set "Car_Function_List_BAP_Gen2-parking_assist_0x0A" to not...
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    Audi A3 8V Cruise Control retrofit

    Hi. I have now retrofitted a cruise control to my A3 8V 2015-model. I have coded it in the steering wheel coding, but long coding helper on the engine module dosen’t exist. Does anyone know what I can change the code to in the ECU to get the cruise control to work? Address 01: Engine...