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    Transporter 2013 Defroster Actuator Stuck - help please.

    Hi guys, looking for some assistance with the below error please, my defroster won't go onto the screen correctly and it will only push air to it when selecting feet and screen, I have replaced the motor but it's still doing the same, the motor sort of stutters when trying to select the...
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    Help please BCM upgrade, indicators and windows not working.

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help, I have a 2013 T5 Transporter and I'm changing from an 086 BCM, but I'm having issues with the replacement, I've bought an 090 version but when it's installed I have no power windows and no indicators, when testing I can get the system to turn on the indicators...
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    Transporter T 5.1 BCM swap issues

    Hi guys, hoping someone can help as I've been searching for hours to see if I could resolve this for myself first, to no avail, I have a 2013 T5 and I'm adding a Golk mk7 MFSW with standard button and cruise on the stalks, however before I sort all of that I'm having issues with the BCM swap...