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    Four boxes of Liberty thread

    "There are four boxes to be used in the defense of liberty: soap, ballot, jury and ammo. Please use in that order."
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    RIP Stephen Hawking

    The subject says it all. Can you believe that he was 76 years old?????
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    Commiefornia's right to repair bill for electronics
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    The roar of the March Lion

    March came in like a lion all right this year, with *two* nor'easters dumping on our area in less than a week. Our local power company was down to their last 100 customers without power (out of 110,000+ without power) from the last storm when the flakes started flying for this one. I haven't...
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    Mazda's Spark Controlled Compression Ignition

    From the people who brought us the only mass-produced Wankel rotary engine: Jack has been talking about this technology for years, and it is great to see someone finally gearing up for a...
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    Englishtown closing drag strip!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 17, 2018 Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, Inc. 230 PENSION ROAD • ENGLISHTOWN, N.J. 07726 • Tel. 732-446-7800 RACEWAY PARK ANNOUNCES RESTRUCTURING OF BUSINESS EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Old Bridge Township Raceway Park, the Napp family owned and operated business...
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    Paging NostraJackAss, economic crash on line one...
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    Big Brother is watching...
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    Bugatti recalls service

    The next time that someone complains about VAG warranty service sucking the chrome off of a trailer hitch ball.....
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    Earthquake, anybody?

    Anyone feel the alleged 4.1 earthquake at 16:47 EST near Dover, Delaware? Didn't feel a thing here, but the media is claiming that it was felt in MD, PA, NJ, and NY.....
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Don't eat too much turkey today.....
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    Internet Service

    Do you have cable TV down under, and do the cable carriers offer Internet service? In these parts, the telephone carriers are only installing FTTH (fiber to the home) in high-density urban areas, and they are bundling TV with the FTTH service in an ill-guided attempt to attract cable TV...
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    Hurricane Irma

    Don't know how long this link will work, but it is the visible sunset loop of Hurricane Irma today from the new GOES-16 weather satellite...
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    Volkswagen recalls 281,000 cars at risk of stalling

    In case this is "new" news.....
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    Going metric

    In the name of standardization, I did something radical and changed the weather icon on my smart watch face from F to C about a month ago. I'm not sure if hell immediately froze over from my doing this, but the sweltering 88 degree heat instantly turned into a nippy 31 degrees. ;) Last week, I...