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    The queen is dead, Long Live the king

    Long live king Chuck.
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    LNG ships have steam turbine plants and use Boil Off Gas from the cargo to fuel the boilers. If there is no cargo, they burn Heavy Fuel Oil. HFO is blended from petroleum stocks for specific purposes, it is a different mix for steam ships and motor ships. Steam boilers are less picky about what...
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    I am a Marine engineer, so I can't say for sure that land based powerplants that burn natural gas can also burn oil, but LNG ships that do burn natural gas in their powerplants can also burn oil. It is not a big thing to switch them back and forth.
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    The Sun is not a very reliable source of news. One of Rupert Murdoch's rags isn't it?
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    They think Zelenskyy is good for Ukraine. They had a neutral attitude about Russia until they invaded Ukraine.
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    My wife is Ukrainian, her sister came to live with us about a month after the war started. They agree that the Ukrainian language has about 70% Russian words in it. The Ukrainian alphabet has three letters that are different from the Russian alphabet. They also said that everyone in Ukraine...
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    The Russian language is easy! In Russia, little kids speak it!
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    Newspapers need all the support we can give them!
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    Wow, I never get upset over what I see on the internet!
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    Congratulations, Ukraine, on your independence day!
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    ATTN : Car manufacturers

    I want a car with analog gages with push buttons and knobs, no interactive screens. My 2010 MINI Clubman S suits me just fine. I drive it less than 5K miles a year, so I'll probably have it for a long time. I kept my Volvo for twenty years. I have a Garmin 55. It is blue tooth connected to my...
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    How so?
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    Sad day for me today ,my 2nd GSD died

    My sister lost her dog last year, she got another dog about three months later, she said it really helped with the grieving. My dog passed away in April, my wife and I are currently looking for a pup.
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    Advice on weaponry

    Why do police seem to empty their weapons at a perpetrator, when one or two shots would get the job done? It seems that we need a Barney Fife law, where the police can only carry one bullet each and they have to keep it in their shirt pocket.
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    EV Thread

    Does it fly? It looks like it should fly!