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    AFS Fail

    Address 55 should have 2 subsystems, your Auto-Scan is only showing 1. Here is an example from a known good system: There you can see Subsystem 1 and 2. These subsystems are the slave modules with the headlights. The left one (J667) is offline. Fuse SC10 (10A) good? Headlight connector...
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    Incorrect chassis
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    A4 B7 3.2 FSI 2005 - Crank but no start - 16730/P0346 Camshaft Position Sensor (G163)

    If you feel timing is all good, unplug any and ALL cam sensors and then see if the car starts.
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    ABS Coding Golf 5 (MK60EC1)

    So bonzo... after you review iichel's FAQ, let us know the complete backstory on this car so we can decide on how to proceed.
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    ABS Coding Golf 5 (MK60EC1)

    I was starting to dig into this a little and kind of got hung up with the installed ABS part number as well... and I do have access to PL24 right now...
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    Short answer, no, you can't use the remote to control the windows of the car as delivered from the factory. Long answer, yes, it is technically possible, but it isn't done via normal VAG diagnostics, so VCDS can't do it. The firmware of the Central Convenience has to be modified. Here is your...
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    Help with EOS ABS Code (MK60EC1)

    The subject says "Eos", but the VIN says otherwise.... Vehicle Identification No. WVWZZZ1KZ8U031665 Model golf 1.4 GOLF Date of production 07.06.2008 Year 2008 Sales type 1K10G5 Engine Code CAXA Transmission Code KHN Transmission specification G1C 7-speed automatic...
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    Air con stuck in ECON mode

    Indeed. Anything with an electrical connector on it, buy it from the dealer!!! Oh the number of times I've been told "it came in a Bosch box".... :banghead: Open/short to ground, so some sort of electrical path issue... damaged wiring... rotted terminal... even a bad part.... but in many...
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    Need Tiguan ABS coding

    We need an Auto-Scan.
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    Help with EOS ABS Code (MK60EC1)

    What happened to make the ABS coding vanish? Does the VIN data match up?
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    Adblue resetting

    If you have additional information, please contact me privately with details.
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    Possible to run fuel pump with vcds on a Audi A6 3.2fsi 2005?

    This engine has a J538 Fuel Pump Control Module, so the "old school" of jumping a relay doesn't apply. However, once you locate the J538 (I think under rear seat) and unplug it you can run a couple of jumper wires to hotwire the lift pump in the fuel tank. /1 to lift pump, needs + power. /2 to...
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    Possible to run fuel pump with vcds on a Audi A6 3.2fsi 2005?

    It might be possible via an Output Test. Please post a full Auto-Scan.
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    Backup Camera Help Needed (it no longer works after changing and restoring the control head)

    Please include a full Auto-Scan when asking for assistance.
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    Audi A3 8P ABS MK60EC1, Lost coding..

    Indeed... do make sure all the "VIN Data" is a match: