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    VW Passat B8 - - side assist retrofit cault codes

    Hi guys, I just retrofitted 3q0XXX Side assist units, which is nothing difficult. BUT - please see fault codes in 3C Adresse. Important to mention that I know, master and slave are different HWs (HW 15 und HW16) but these were in another Passat B8 and were working perfectly! The coding is also...
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    Golf VII 2013: Fault codes after retrofitting gen3 A5 camera

    Write me just a private message - I can try to help you
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    Golf VII 2013: Fault codes after retrofitting gen3 A5 camera

    As to this topic: 3QFxxx radar is suitable for pACC retrofitting, but of course, you have to make several further SW steps before making this unit correctly working. 3Q980654x camera is OK too - maybe flash to index L, that you already did... . BUT your error below ist definitely HW issue and I...
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    Passat B8 areaview unavailable ADPmaps

    Hi guys, I have areview unit. But I wonder I have NO active adp maps to be able to change it - error: channel unavailable". I have already seen more such 6C units with this problem. The problem lasts even if I put security code. Any idea WHY? Thursday,25,July,2019,18:57:28:32726 VCDS --...
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    Passat B8 - ABS emergency brake security code

    Hi all, is there any chance to gain security code for the ABS channel below? I tried all the known codes listed here. MAS11606-Electromechanical parking brake: emergency braking my ABS unit: 3Q0 907 379 H. Thank you, see picture below. Lukas
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    Passat B8 trailer assist without PLA 3

    Ho Guys, I have areaview and retrofitted PLA unit 5QAxxx298, coded on 8k. I coded trailer assist im add 17,6c and 10, everything OK. But when tried, there came message “trailer assist not available now”. There is only one fault code, like “I am afraid Dave I cant do it, I am sorry”! EPS error...
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    5F adresse fault

    Hello, after 5F unit change (VW dealer) I got the mistake, see in my full scan. I went through all 4 EX BUS that have to be active, all right. Any idea, what kind of mistake I have? Thank you! Lukas --------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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    Discover Media - navigation speech language change

    Hi guys, I have just retrofitted DM 2017 (to Passat 2015). Everything went OK. Nevertheless the unit was bought in England and it is not possible to change the navigation speech language - now it is in english although all the menu language is in german. I need also navigation voice in german...