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    Audi Q3 2017 Hold Hill Assist Indicator Lamp

    If you want to test, you could try these: 21F124A1C920E36E2078840224C693C704365700508B4885 21F124A1E920C36E2078840224C697C304365700508B4885 21F124A1E920E36E2078840224C697C704365700508B4885
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    Audi A4 B9 trailer coding => 74-Chassis Control -- Status: Malfunction 0010

    You used 9000483958 or 1000483958 ?
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    2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI DSG (BKD) - Limp mode p-0299

    Please post a screenshot from [Meas. Blocks-08] in Group 011, as Uwe wrote, somehow it must be in Basic Setting.
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    Audi Q7 engine running.

    I guess a security access is needed, but you can try without. And test Coding in [46], change Byte 26 from 00 to 02
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    Audi Q3 2014 coding ESP without AWD

    I am not sure that combinations has been available from factory. A long shot, test: 0050568
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    7P Touareg Lock Doors With Engine Running

    You could test coding in [46] Byte 5 Bit 2
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    2018 R8 RWS Front/Rear Sidemarker Deactivation

    What did you change Byte 10 Bit 3 ? Byte 29 Bit 5 ? I don't think so, I guess the text should be "Turn signal via BCM1 instead of TSG"
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    Help with trailer coding 2019 Audi Q5

    If the customer had the paper work and threw it out, then that was stupid. Audi has only the option to buy a new trailer kit with new activation card, which MUST be used to do online coding If you want to try with VCDS, it can depend on different thing, if that can succeed, and also PR code for...
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    Flashing red oil light amarok

    And please post Autoscan.
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    Audi A4 B8.5 towbar/trailer hitch coding - ACC3

    [13] > 00F2B3 [5C] > 0102201
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    Q7 00139 - Left Front Body Acceleration Sensor (G341) Fault - How To Test Sensor?

    Hold the mouse over field 1, 2, 3 (There is a misspellings in field 1) Also you have a DTC for left front, that show 3.8x V No DTC for field 2 + 3 that show 2.4x V
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    Q7 00139 - Left Front Body Acceleration Sensor (G341) Fault - How To Test Sensor?

    Specification: 2.3...2.6 V So Left Front sensor defective or 5V supply to sensor or wiring problem.
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    2013 vw t5.1 cruise control fault

    That is not used anymore, when there is Long Coding. Old version with short Coding CCS is activated with 11-Coding-II and newer is activated with Long Coding.
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    Seat Ibiza 2017 ABS Coding Lost

    Was SA accepted ? If so try this: 510D4A5715428AB25203A81B24E242A649124926114A242444541254452442659248926488522424222A482AA251D6423D926B42BC
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    audi a4 2011, 2.0d. Oil Level Display Woes

    Maybe the same problem as this ?