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    [Audi Q5 - 2013] -

    Uwe is correct with suggestions. Did the error code start after Audi did the last service? What have you changed with VCDS in Instrument?
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    VW Passat B7 2012 ABS code not correct Help needed

    Is the steering wheel in the right (wrong) side of the car? PR-Code show L0R
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    2009 A3 ABS incorrect coding 01044 (Mk60EC1)

    Is [19-CAN Gateway] changed or coding changed ? Try: E9811F0600020200F101
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    Please use english beta here. Autoscan > Start
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    Yes all 1edition delivered to Denmark have, I don't remember if it is all 30.000 1edition.
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    I just downloaded, most data, tpi etc. You did not know this :D After trying to ask many, vw will not tell what is the problem with my ordered car. So today I have ordered another model, not the same color inside and outside as wanted, but it could take another month before that would be...
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    Audi A8 D4 Front camera replacement

    First OP need to buy a legal VCDS.
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    Help with coding PCR2.1 Passat 2013

    Tip: For VW Commercial Vehicle's, first press "Nutzfahrzeuge" icon, then insert VIN. Same goes for some other model, for example ID.3, first press VW icon.
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    Audi A8 D4 Front camera replacement

    And, what do you want to do in [84-Night Vision] where you say you need SA ? You need a SA in [84], because you exchange [85] :confused:
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    Transport mode and production mode active on Arona 2018

    What is the history for these two, become activated ? [Applications] [De-activate Transport Mode] [Adaptation-10] "IDE02332-Deactivate production mode"
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    2020 Audi SQ5 Add AC ECO mode

    It looks like most Q5/SQ5 has this Intermittent DTC. You could try and activate Byte 03 Bit 0, so the coding is: 01C020FF4040800000 That is what other car models use, with same part number.
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    Updated to Release 20.4 and Having Trouble? Read This Thread

    I have several customers that have coded this new Controller for Trailer, I have not heard about any problems. For Coding use SA 20103 If there is problem I suggest screenshots and debug file, to Ross-Tech.
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    On all I have tested, there are 1 to the same 4 DTC's in [6C], standard software state currently :)
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    2020 VW ID.3 (E11)

    You lifted your a.. I guess :) If speed does not show 0, there is no ignition. That is what I have done often, I am interested to see, if odis maybe does some keep alive stuff. I was told, you should activate ignition before sitting in the driver seat. Have not tested that yet.
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    Golf 7 CXXB Injector adaptation

    Try login after you copied this file to: C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Labels\User