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    VCDS with electrical car

    Yes there are cell voltages, Battery level and different other things defined from Volkswagen. If it SOC or SOH as you want it to be I don't know.
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    VCDS with electrical car

    Start with an AutoScan Then: [Applications] [Controller Channel Map] Choose "Whole Vehicle (CAN only) "Measuring values" [Go] Look through at all *.csv files (just text files) for controllers in: C:\Ross-Tech\VCDS\Logs For example in controller [19] [8C] [C6] etc.
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    SEAT Leon mk3 5F 2014 FR problem comfort windows

    Try coding rear left window: 310000 instead of 390000
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    Latest LCode version

    Download updated in #1 {2.0.0} {Added function decimal multiplied resolution} {Removed Home/End in Hex and Binary box} {Removed Alpha}
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    Latest LCode version

    Like this video.
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    Latest LCode version

    Rename the "LCode-Classic.exe" Why would you miscode stuff, pull-down and checkmark are the same. Have you read help?
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    VCDS with electrical car

    Sure you can read them with VCDS. There are many other things to do on 24.dec, than checking forum.
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    VW Passat 2015 1.8TSI 17002-oil pressure Switch 3 Malfunction P168D00

    When bought access to erwin, I suggest you then download SSP 522, the oil system is explained very good, page 22-28. There are 3 pressure sensors used.
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    Cupra Formentor - Perimetral Alarm

    It is, Golf 8 platform, 01, 03, 09, 15, 17, 19, 23, 5F, 75, 8107
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    2009 VW Rabbit ABS Module Change with Code Rejected Error 12

    Before Basic Setting 025, all brake sensor must be working without error and basic setting performed on them!
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    AFR measuring

    Yes Lambda value can be used in diesels. Normally to check if engine get enough fuel, related to power (not emission). I guess numbers can be different and discussed, but somewhere higher than ƛ 1.3, it is not max. power, if that is what you are into.
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    AFR measuring

    It is simple to answer, after we see Autoscan, but as it seems you don't want to show it or cannot, it is as simple as just use the power of VCDS, by just searching for "O2" or "Lambda" in search field.
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    2010 Skoda Octavia Door Electronics driver side, security login code ?

    OP has probably read about it on internet, but that is only for UDS controller, which the OP does not have in his car.
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    AFR measuring

    Post an Autoscan from your car, so we can see what is available. Also a tuner would normally have an AFR measurement device in his shop.
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    VW Jetta 2014 ABS control module not responding, all lights on dash on

    You should start with deactivate transport mode [Applications] [De-activate Transport Mode]