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    No Response From Controller

    Hi jandrews123, I think you should do a compression test, if you have enough crankcase pressure to blow the cap off I would expect piston damage. Regards HMC
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    Wheel speed sensor / ABS for 2008 Audi A6 3.2: Where do I go from here?

    Hi precursor, Do you have an oscilloscope? If you scope the signal at the wss connector you may see individual reluctor signals dropping out, proving it is the bearing. If the signal is good and consistent then run temporary wires (overlay) to the ABS module and test. If that clears the problem...
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    VW Fuel sender resistance to Voltage conversion??

    Hi EuroX, Do you have the resistance readings? If so a bit of calculation with Ohms Law might solve your problem. Regards HMC
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    G85 adaptation issue/question

    The full alignment should be done which will centralise the steering wheel, then the G85 is adapted to the correct alignment. Regards HMC
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    Seat Ibiza Throttle Body

    I followed that principle but now I forget where to look it up. :) Regards HMC
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    One question different opinions ! The elusive truth of it ?

    As an "older mecs" i agree with NZDubNurd. You have to understand that the viscosity is a comparison at different temperature's, if an engine is using oil/smoking, changing the oil spec is unlikely to help unless you go to an ancient straight grade which is not advisable. Regards HMC
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    S5 epc,esp,cel, wont start. Log attached.

    Hi boneyxy, You should download all the information from Erwin, as I cannot be sure for vehicles that have the steering wheel on the wrong side. You might want to check Relay 3 on the J519 behind the trim under the steering wheel, also Relay D in the under bonnet fuse box in the plenum. Regards HMC
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    Injector won’t update code

    He obviously doesn't know about and has never used VCDS! VCDS will scan and log the data as good as, if not better than any other "scanner" on a VAG vehicle. Regards HMC
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    S5 epc,esp,cel, wont start. Log attached.

    Hi boneyxy, A good look at the Power relay seems the place to start, does it have nbv on Pins 2 and 4, is it being switched? Regards HMC
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    2007 D3 S8 steering directional lights

    You seem very reluctant to post an Autoscan as asked? Any particular reason I wonder? Regards HMC
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    Questionable Status K1 and K2 No Power After Troubleshooting

    As you have been pulling fuses, clear all the codes and take it for a run, then post a full Autoscan here. Regards HMC
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    Problems connecting to modules on A4B7

    He is Uwe! Regards HMC
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    Consensus on Throttle Lag? (A4 B6)

    Or you could just connect a suitable pressure guage to the pre cat sensor union, anything more than 3psi is restricted. Regards HMC
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    A6 C7 CGQB Injection deviation

    Time for a compression test. Regards HMC
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    2015 Vw Golf 7 1.6 Tdi No Start Problem

    What units, Bar, mbar, psi? What is the RPM on cranking? Regards HMC