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    ’01 Audi allroad, Secondary Air Pump Runs Fine—Except When It’s Supposed to…Cold Startup

    Hi Don, I am sure you will agree that the greatest legacy of Douglas Adams is prophesising the WWW, albeit in book form (Tablet?), before it really existed. Regards HMC
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    No start

    "I seen a small puff of smoke come out of the starter solenoid" Have you tried to turn the engine manually to make sure it is not locked up? Any chance some debris entered the engine when you cleaned the EGR? I feel a Jack FOD coming n. Regards HMC
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    2020 US Presidential Election

    While I am reluctant to get involved in in another country's democratic machinations, while most of the rest of the world looked on incredulously these high ranking Republicans allowed a dangerous egotist with scant regard for the truth, carry on for years. Regards HMC
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    Any DSG specialist here?

    " before I heading to a garage and let them rip me off.". Given that a lot of people you are asking for help from here work in the motor trade/run garages/are skilled technicians, you probably haven't done yourself any favours. HMC
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    I cannot get the page at all clicking the link on this page? Regards HMC
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    Fault codes

    I do not see a B1S1 code? Is the car running to cool, thermostat issue? Why would an adapter taking the B1 S2 O2 sensor out of the gas stream fix those codes? Test and replace as needed. Regards HMC
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    General Corona Virus Discussion

    Don, Living in a UK Tier 4 area ( highest restrictions), I can tell you that the vast majority of people accept the restrictions as a necessary evil to buy us some time to slow the spread and get the vaccine out. Most people I speak to were choosing to restrict activity over Christmas even...
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    New user with a problem

    Hi Steve, You do not have any O2 B1S2 DTC's therefore I do not believe the car has one. So you need to investigate the Number 1 cylinder misfire, have you dislodged the HT lead? Time to do some mechanical checking. Regards HMC
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    The Search box does not load. Regards HMC
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    Is there something wrong with the WIKI ? I haven't been able to access it for several days. Regards HMC
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    New user with a problem

    Hi Steve, I have just realised the age of the Lupo and it is possible that a 2000 vehicle didn't have a post cat sensor. Please give us the full details of the car Vin and engine code would be good. Regards HMC
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    Help needed after changing fuel filter on my 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion

    You need to apply vacuum to the "return from engine". As a last resort if you do not have the equipment to do it properly, run it up on engine starter/brake cleaner until it self bleeds. Regards HMC
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    2014 Vw Tiguan TSI fails

    Hi Alvaro, You have changed the fuel Rail Pressure Sensor but have you done anything with the N276 Regulator valve? What is happening with the fuel pressure? Regards HMC
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    Help needed after changing fuel filter on my 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TDI Bluemotion

    Hi Mick, If you have access to a vacuum source, connect it to the fuel return line, after the bubbles stop, crank the car until lit starts then reconnect the return to the car. Regards HMC
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    New user with a problem

    Hi Steve 4141, Do you have a plastic box underneath the car on the O/S? If you have t