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    OBD lock againt car theft

    I've just read that duplicating car keys using some "manufacturer tool" connected to the OBD port is getting quite popular here for car theft. was looking into getting a lock or some gizmo that would stall or prevent a thief from doing so - something like this...
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    Octavia MKiii 2017 tweaks help

    Hia, I recently picked up Octavia RS mk3 , could use some help with some adaptations I haven't figured out how to do - VCDS ver 18.2.0 using Hex-V2 cable Recent scan (before updating VCDS): Saturday,03,March,2018,17:52:31:12953 VCDS -- Windows Based VAG/VAS Emulator Running on Windows 7 x86...
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    Octavia MKiii 2017 Starter system faulty workshop error

    Hi, new here I've had the car (Octavia RS 220 TSI DSG6 2017) for about 4 months and recently I'm getting "Starter system faulty workshop!" error after I turn off the switch . If I turn off the engine and switch quickly at once, it doesn't appear. So far I've been to the importer's service 3...