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    Kufatec retrofit side assist not going as smoothly as I expected

    Welcome to the world of kufatec and their world of dodgy wiring.. Firstly i would double check every pin connection on the supplied loom against the official wiring diagrams from Erwin online. Then proceed from there and fault find. If the wiring is 100% then we can possible assist in narrowing...
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    Audi A6 Avant C7.5 2015+ Keyless (Kessy) retrofit - need help

    You may be right but when i was going to do the retrofit to mine i needed new keys.. maybe im wrong i cant remember. anyway..check this coding from a c7.5 channel 46 that has the same part number.... 064GP 013F0E22A0B93895C33009840E03124F0000000000000000000000000000
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    Audi A6 Avant C7.5 2015+ Keyless (Kessy) retrofit - need help

    If audi fitted the new comfort unit then the keys would have been relearnt for defo. If they were your original keys then they wont be kessy enabled. Kessy keys are different iirc so you will need new keys so could be why your getting the error
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    NIce. Lucky it was just the sensor as the wiring usually 'goes' as well and you end up have to replace a section of wiring too
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    2018 EGolf ACC issue after fitting replacement radar

    5Q0907572D is in the ETKA parts info and it supercedes to part no 5Q0907561D which is correct for an E-Golf, However 'D' is for MY up to 09.2015. Yours is a MY2018 but depending on what month it was built it would be 5Q0907561H if its up to 30.07.2018 and 5Q0907561N if built 30.07.2018 onwards...
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    2018 EGolf ACC issue after fitting replacement radar

    So when you got the car and there was no acc and plug was the wiring there? Had it been cut? Is it all oem wiring? Are you 100% sure the car had acc from factory? There will be dataset errors until the acc is working properly but not necessarily aligned. Are you sure the acc radar you bought...
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    Looking for help on this scan ?

    You need to remove component protection from an authorised ODIS user. Also at the same time ODIS can upload the correct dataset for the acc module. Then you will need to have the alignment done for the acc.
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    Coding for ACC module

    You will need to remove component protection from it first before and coding changes. If its a like for like replacement then removing CP will also allow you to install the correct codes for it one go. ODIS online dealer is whom you need to find
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    Replacing new climate control unit on audi a5 how do i re code a new one

    Ahh ok... bit too far as i could have done it for you
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    Replacing new climate control unit on audi a5 how do i re code a new one

    Remove component protection and then code it
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    2017 VW Scirocco Airbag ECU coding

    I wouldnt replace the ecu just yet. Refit all the replacement airbags and belt tensioners etc and clear the fault codes in the ecu. Im pretty sure they will clear and you wont need another ecu or send it off to be wiped. Ive repaired quite a few VAG cars and never had to replace an airbag ecu...
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    Lots of Problems

    Was it ok before the battery change?
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    2018 Golf GTI Electrical issues

    I agree with Jack tbh. So many dead modules on a car with no comms to any of them is too strange. I would really be looking at all the comms wires to these modules; CAN and LIN wires. A simple continuity test would not suffice, load test them to see if they are in a good state. Possibly look at...
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    Battery support unit

    Just some info... Running diagnostics on a 2017 RS6 last night inside the garage so it was quite warm in there and had the BSU connected. Set to 14.5V and with ignition switch on the current reading peaked at 44A and then settled at 23A with all ancillaries switched off. Thats with the 100A BSU...