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    2018 Audi S6- Cannot access AudiConnect menu anymore

    Hey gang. My new car acted up when my wife connected to WiFi the first day I got the AT&T SIM card, by disconnecting my BlueTooth, then not having sound on any MEDIA source, but all others were fine. So tried to correct the issue by switching WiFi to 'never' on the menu, and also by switching...
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    Module 53(parking brake) and A9(Soundaktor) not 'initialized' on 2018 S6. Help wanted

    Tried to change some settings on both modules, and modules accepted everything (including security code for the brake one), but after the window asking if you were sure of the changes, the exact following message popped up in both modules: "This appears to be an uninitialized module; valid...
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    How to disable auto lock/unlock on 7.5 Audis, and a related menu item question

    I asked how to disable this, since I don't like it, and found it while messing with other settings. Maybe some others already know how to do it, but if I can help others, here it is: Go to module 46 (central convenience) Coding (07) Long coding helper Byte 5 Uncheck Bit 4 'auto-lock active'...
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    Need security code for module 5F on 2018 (7.5) Audi S6 to enable VIM while driving

    Followed the instructions from an Audi forum, but it didn't work on my 7.5 2018 S6. The instructions were to write the first S/N from [Advanced ID-1A], then enter digits 6,13,10,14,11 of that number as security code. It threw an error. I thought maybe the zeros were the letter 'O', but doesn't...
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    2018 Audi S6. Messed with module 5F, and still can't get AudiConnect to read SIM card

    Hi gang. My new car was acting up when first activated AudiConnect. Tried to resolve the problem by turning 'Data Module' to OFF on the AudiConnect menu. After restarting the car, couldn't even get into the menu. It kept saying 'Please insert SIM card'. The weird thing is that before I inserted...
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    Several technical questions regarding VCDS on a 2018 Audi S6

    1. This is the most important one for me. Do ANY of the modules available on VCDS can cause a 'TD1' flag? For those who don't know, that's the flag that voids your warranty when Audi detects the ECU was tampered with. And it's a royal (and expensive) battle for ANY warranty claim with this flag...