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    Airbag Light On Instrument Cluster NEVER Lights

    Hi, did you get to the bottom of this ? I have the same problem with a 2006 Skoda Octavia mk2. Uk Right hand drive Air bag light never lights up on ignition cycle. I ran instrument cluster test, but older Style, it doesn’t have test for airbag light. Just next, start etc etc No drop down menu...
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    2014 Skoda Octavia 2.0 tdi dsg 5E. Error stop start

    Looking for help with message stating stop start error. Would new battery fix this ?
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    Leaving home lights skoda octavia III 2014. 2.0 tdi DSG

    Is it even possible to activate, the head lights or fogs to come on, when pressing unlock on remote, Been at it for hours.... in controller 09/ cen elec/ 31347.. 10 adaptions, DONE EVERYTHING in tried and tested,, for coming home/leaving home lights, but cant seem to get any lights coming on...
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    Hi looking for help with 2007 vw golf mk5 coming home and leaving home lights.

    Hi sorry couldn't find how to attach file of scan so had to copy and paste 1st post yip newbie lol having a a bit of bother with activating the coming home on my wifes 2007 golf mkv. Iv got unlocking working fine. Headlights come on with remote when i press unlock for 10 secs as it should...