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    Audi A4 B5 2000 1.6 MAF issues

    There are some lines needs to be translated + coding infomation added. 066,4,Schalterstellung,(Bedienhebel),xxx1 = GRA Schiebeschalter OFF gerastet\nxx1x = GRA Schiebeschalter OFF getastet ODER MFL-RES\nx1xx = SET-Taste betätigt\n1xxx = RES-Taste betätigt ;Bauteil:1,6l/2V SIMOS3 00HS0002...
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    Unable to find a rod file

    Instrument cluster? There is some gibberish in ASAM Dataset: EV_Kombi_cÿ_VDD_RM09 A04113 Could be related.
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    Audi A4 B5 2000 1.6 MAF issues

    All sorted by swapping engine to 1.9tdi :D This topic could end with posting my translated label file, don't think RT will ever do it.
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    Engine is Running / Turn off Engine Annoying Beeping (B8)

    Hi, not working for 2013 A4 B8.5 quatto 6-speed manual. Does it needs security access before adaptation? Changed coding (00 to 4F), it was even accepted but still door chime is active after cycling ignition.
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    Can't access label file

    choose any *.clb :D
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    Newbie...please help confirm dead instrument cluster and possible options

    So, did you find cluster pinout? Would be disappointing after cluster replacement which would not light up anyway :D
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    Jetta MK2 1.8 RP Diagnostic
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    English Label file for AFN

    Yes, for example SOLL and IST Is it Expected and Actual speaking of turbo boost?
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    English Label file for AFN

    Hello, is it possible to get english label file for 028-906-021-afn.lbl? Really popular engine for that time. German is weird language for me. 01-028-906-021-CE-20210118-1913.PLB: ;SW:028-906-021-CE HW: --- Engine ;Component:1.9l R4 EDC 00SG 0803, Coding:00002...
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    3 VIN or 10 VIN?

    Is there upgrade option for hex-v2 unlimited to hex-net? Obviously without briefcase, flash drive and live support. Just asking. :D Yes, that includes shipping both ways...
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    x Or this file from latest version. x Or Could have also just reinstalled vcds. ; ; VCDS Auto-Scan File 20200915 ; ; Copyright © 2000+ Ross-Tech, LLC ; ; created many moons ago by Uwe Ross ( ; updated on a regular Basis by Niels Ezerman (, Sebastian Stange...
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    Readiness tests not running / hanging for a long time?

    Could we start with autoscans from both 20.12 and 17.8 versions? You can keep both of them, just install in different directories, for example: c:\ross-tech\vcds 20.12 c:\ross-tech\vcds 17.8
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    '01 allroad bricked?

    VCDS not able to access engine ecu in latest december 22 scan. Try manually opening it.
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    Firmware update issues

    I also got the message about firmware update recommended after updating to 20.12 (can't remember exact words but with similar meaning). I'm currently on CB 0.4529, FW 0.256, CFB 0.10, BL 0.28 Based on this topic i'm using latest:
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    VCDS 20.12. error